Friday Five Goals

20140725-105010-39010149.jpgLink up with the terrific DC Trifecta today! Mar on the Run, Cynthia of You Signed Up for What, and Courtney of Eat Pray Love DC. Click on the links and give them some love.

This week’s Friday Five is goals. Goals are good. I have goals. Therefore, I must be good. Logic. πŸ˜›

1) Continue strength training to help make me a stronger runner. I’d like to be able to lift heavier than I am now and give my arms a little more definition. Heck, I’d like abs too, but that may be reaching.

20140725-142138-51698705.jpg2) Get back to playing my guitar. It’s so pretty sitting in the corner waiting to be asked to dance. I just tried playing American Pie. It was pathetic. 😦

3) Write some fiction. This one has been very frustrating. I do have a loose idea for a new suspense novel, but have yet to start typing. It could be a lot of fun to write, but I’m having trouble getting the courage to start.

4) Um, not that I don’t have a lot of mini goals, but I’m struggling here for anything of interest. Weed the garden, clean my closet, mail the excess books to the women’s prison library. Stop negatively assessing my body. Read more books (my ability to concentrate on anything longer than a magazine article is small lately). Get my review of the MebGo Skechers shoes written (quick preview: love them)? Do you really want my boring To Do list? I’m just not all that interesting. Maybe I should add this goal: get a life!

5) Qualify for the Boston Marathon. Hopefully this will happen in October. At the moment it feels like a long shot 😦 I just feel awfully tired every time I have run this past week. The idea of 20 milers makes me want to hibernate.

Have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Friday Five Goals

  1. I was supposed to go to the gym today, first time this week. Felt 0 motivation so here I sit. I did manage to run 26 miles this week, which was my goal.
    I’m also hoping to BQ at Baystate. Hoping, how pathetic is that? You can’t hope to BQ you have to go after it. Yeesh. I need a kick in the butt!

    • You’re so right! You have to do more than hope. I did do everything on my exercise plan, including all the lifting and lunges. Oops. Not true. I forgot to foam roll. Better get on that. No wonder my legs are tired, though.

  2. haha … I love your mini-list!

    I had just started ramping my music again, and since switching gears just before vacation I haven’t touched guitar or keyboards or … well, anything.

    As for Fiction … I hope to use NaNoWriMo this year to make things happen (unlike the last two years, where I have barely managed character sketches).

    Today wasn’t exactly a high motivation day for me either … I woke up to realize I had hit the snooze without even realizing I had done so, and a mile into my run I was STILL thinking about how nice it would be to crawl back into bed … thinking early night tonight!

    • NaNoWriMo is fun! Maybe I’ll do that after I do my marathon. The timing is about right assuming I don’t just want to sleep through the month of November.

      As for the guitar, I keep telling myself, “Just 10 minutes a day.” Hasn’t worked yet.

  3. The summer heat makes it so difficult to feel motivated to do much of anything, especially when it feels like the heat makes you slug.

  4. As I was checking your blog, something made me want to click on this post and it was the picture of your guitars!
    I am also a gitarist wanna-be! Then I kept reading and found out that we share many common interests. Running, guitars, writing and always having goals.
    Well, thought I’d write to tell you that…
    I have a running blog, if you want you can check it out!

  5. Ha, nice! There’s a local sports talk radio station that is always recording each other’s screw ups and replays them at times to embarrass them. One is in a band and tried to play Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers on guitar…it was so awkwardly awful, that I crack up every time! Good luck to you!

  6. I have an acoustic guitar but my cat chewed through the strings. Then again, I never learned to play it and she hates the sound, I think she did it on purpose. πŸ™‚ Great list! And I love your last reply to piratebobcat- I can’t stand the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

  7. Great guitar collection… hmm… now I’m lusting after a Nighthawk again and I thought that had passed with Peter Frampton stopped using them… πŸ˜‰

  8. I’ve been having the heavy legs for a over a week now. I rest and they stay. I ice and they stay. When I run, they are okay for a while, but then they come back. It’s like I am running in quicksand…lol. Nevertheless, I will keep at it. No choice – don’t have much time until first marathon in Oct. comes my way.

    Never mind 20 milers, even a 12 miler now makes me want to sit in a Jacuzzi and read the New Yorker. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh strength training…that’s one of my goals for this year too. I would love some toned arms! I’ve started to switch up my routine a bit by trying some higher intensity strength moves. This week I tried one of Jillian Michaels’ videos..and lasted all but 10 minutes. I have some work to do…:) That is so cool that you have an idea for a book. I wish I was creative like that πŸ™‚

  10. Martha B says:

    The mini goals… I totally get it. Some weeks it’s like… Have enough motivation to put the laundry away πŸ™‚
    I do hope you BQ though. That would be pretty sweet.

  11. I want you to write a suspense novel too so I can read it. That’s my favorite genre. πŸ™‚ I can’t even wrap my brain around a 20 miler at this point. It’s so damn hot here. I guess this would be one upside to me not having to worry about a fall marathon right now.

    BTW I totally believe in that BQ for you. ❀

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