You Know You’re a Runner When…

20140723-113844-41924677.jpg…you go to a fancy-schmancy outdoor charity event and see one of those safety mats that cover electrical cords between the seating area and the buffet and think, “Ooh, timing mat.”

I had to resist the urge to run back and forth over it and check my time. For what, I have no idea. Quickest trip through the seafood station?

Wouldn’t it be funny if events tracked how often people returned to the buffet? I bet there are people in my family that would get banned if that happened. They’re like locusts.

I thought this sign was funny (not sure who took the original photo). They haven’t met my extended family — it doesn’t take them 4 hours to clear out a restaurant’s inventory. True story.



10 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner When…

  1. I am cracking up right now because as soon as I saw the picture before reading the post I thought “oooo timing mat”.

    I am totally useless at buffets. I have the tendency to just pile everything on my plate at once and then don’t make any trips back where what I SHOULD be doing is just making lots of little trips.

  2. Martha B says:

    My extended family is the same way… Which is why I cannot go to buffets. It’s in my genes. Something about all you can eat anything brings out the fat girl in me. Buh bye self control.

  3. Hillarious! Some comedian had a bit a few years ago about fat people going to the Chinese buffett and staying for hours. I’m sure it was racist and insulting to BMI challenged folks, but the sign reminded me of the skit.
    The timing mat idea would be interesting!

  4. I’ve worked in enough manufacturing areas that I saw timing mats at first and assumed the opposite – that they were safety runs for the wiring! haha

    I used to be dangerous at a buffet … no longer. As it was, we did the ‘unlimited appetizer’ at TGIFridays last week and after a few rounds we couldn’t manage our dinners! 🙂

  5. We call those things ” Yellowjackets” even when they are orange and black. If I had invented them I would be about a gazillionaire now and I could stay at any buffet as long as I darn well pleased. and no one could tell me ” You go home.”

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