Baystate Marathon Training: Lovely Toes

20140721-114908-42548059.jpgI ran the first double digit run in about a month yesterday and it went fine. I wish I could say I felt energetic, but honestly it felt like work. Aerobically I’m feeling fit, but my legs just feel tired.

I was too lazy to tape up the two toes that always get beat up, and I paid for it. They look worse than they feel.

It was also my first week of over 40 miles since the first week of June. My husband kind of rolls his eyes at me when I complain about not having a great workout because he wisely knows that most workouts are not going to be stellar.

I think my head is in a not-so-good space because I feel like my speed has plateaued, but I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment given that the past two months are post-marathon in which I probably raced more than was smart. I tend to be hard on myself and I am trying not to look at other runners’ running successes and comparing myself unfavorably. That does me no good whatsoever. My best strategy is to keep my head down and follow my training plan. How other people run/train has nothing to do with me.

Just 13 weeks until Baystate. Feeling crazy for marathon training again.


30 thoughts on “Baystate Marathon Training: Lovely Toes

  1. Great pic to get me awake on a Monday morning. 🙂 Keep up the training. I should be training for something, but I just can’t decide. We will see how the 5K goes this next weekend. I hope your toes heal quickly!

  2. Those are some killer splits!! Nice job! I think you are going to own Baystate. 🙂
    Cute toes too. I need to start taping mine before I run because I think that’s where my current problems started.

  3. I’ve had similar feelings but your’re right that it’s no one’s training but your own. It can be so easy to compare but there are always a million factors involved. Not every run will be great but that’s what make the good runs that much better! I always feel like when I am stuck in a rut that something good is going to happen.

  4. Holy negative split! That is a great set of miles. My PT told me that most runs are work – it’s the rare ones where it feels effortless that we think ought to be the standard. You should feel good about that run (and your poor toes!). 🙂

  5. It might not have felt great, but your splits show you put in a stellar progression run. It’s true not every workout is going to feel great, though we all wish they did! But keeping your head down and following your plan is great advice to yourself. You just might surprise yourself.

      • Judith, For me it is about 45 minutes away. Parking in the garage is super convenient. The food apre race was pretty good last year also.
        You should have a good time. It’s usually nice, but the first time I ran it, it drizzled most of the day and snowed as we drove home! So be prepared for anything.
        Maybe we can meet before or after the race. What is your finish time goal? I’m hoping for 3:30. Hoping. 😉

  6. Syd says:

    You still rock, no matter how tired or how your toes look. I too have the attitude to do what is asked and put my head down and do it. Rocked the gym today with my workout. Squats with kettleballs and balance planks, along with free weights. Trainer happy which is good.

  7. Yeah, fantastic times! Sorry about the little piggies there – does that come from the shoes? I haven’t had that kind of thing happen, but I read it’s from having shoes that don’t fit well? (I’m a newbie, so disregard anything that is eye-rolling worthy)

    Glad to have read this at this moment – did a little 5 mi run today and my legs feel like they’re weighed down with bowling balls. Heavy legs. But I plan to plug through it, and battle the negative thoughts. I needed to read this to know that I am not alone and that is just what it is 🙂


    • You haven’t achieved the great blackened toenail yet? You are a newbie 😉

      They’re pretty common for runners. Mine don’t hurt at all, they just feel weird. Sometimes the toenail will fall off, sometimes not. I don’t think it’s because my shoes don’t fit because otherwise everything feels fine.

      I’m glad the post helped you. It’s frustrating to have your legs feel heavy, but then there are the days everything goes well. Ideally that’s race day, but for me that only happens sometimes. But you’re right that plugging through will make you stronger. Mental strength training is probably as important as physical in running.

  8. haha – you know you’re a runner when a big close-up of post-run toes doesn’t even make you blink 🙂

    Great job so far – and you are definitely over-thinking! Step back, take a deep breath and just flow into the training – you’re going to kill it! Wish I could be there in Lowell! 🙂

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