Speedwork at Last!

My chiropractor says he thinks my hip injury is out of the woods. That we can still see the woods in the rearview, but are out of the thick of it.

Today I ran 8 miles with two fast miles (average 7:30 pace) thrown in the middle. They went well considering I’ve not done speedwork in awhile. They were probably a little faster than I should’ve done them (target was 7:45… over-enthusiasm). However, everything feels fine and pain-free. I’ve got a whole slew of strength/flexibility/mobility/form drill workouts I’ve added in my daily routine, and while it means more time at the gym, it seems like it’ll be worth the effort. My personal trainer and I actually started in with weights this week after a break from them, and it went better than I expected. I thought I’d struggle more, and not that I was lifting anything even remotely impressive, it wasn’t down from what I was lifting previously. Yoga chaturangas, push ups and planks kept me in decent shape.

It felt good to move a little faster today. Fingers crossed my chiro is right that I’m done with this injury.

20140716-205853-75533724.jpgAfter my run, I went to the farmer’s market. There was so much fruit there, so I bought blueberries, black raspberries and cherries, plus a bunch of sungold and grape tomatoes (I eat them like berries), micro radish greens and some sort of peppery cucumber that I can’t remember the name of. There was some chick selling 8 oz of beet, kale, celery and apple juice for $8 that I declined to try. She was charging $1 for a “shot” sample, which was no more than a tablespoon. Seriously, it can’t be that wonderful. I got a similar fresh made drink like that in Ireland for about $4 and it was twice the size. It’s not like any of the ingredients were all that expensive. It’s not like I live in LA or NYC and it wasn’t served in some froufrou place. I don’t get it. Maybe if it said it would make me run faster and even then I’d only splurge on something like that on race day. And I spend stupid money on all sorts of things running related.

20140716-210644-76004642.jpgCase in point: like many runners, I’m a fan of Meb. I’d been eying some of the Skechers GoMeb sneakers, and last weekend I found a pair in my size and the color I wanted of the Speed 2 shoes marked way down. They arrived today, and I’m going to test them out tomorrow on my 40 minute easy run. I doubt they’ll replace my beloved collection of Newton Running shoes, but they did feel nice on my feet. If nothing else, they sure are pretty.

I needed another pair of running shoes like a hole in my head. So I won’t tell you about the four pair of running shorts I also bought this week except to say they were on sale and I’m sure they will make me run better.


10 thoughts on “Speedwork at Last!

  1. That food looks DELICIOUS! I’m curious about the skechers shoes – I know that skechers isn’t really known for their running shoes, but are trying to step into that market. I’ll be looking forward to finding out what you think about them.

  2. Definitely great hearing about your hip! And I hear you on the cost of random things … those fruit juice prices are nuts. Having just returned from NYC … it was hard to tell what item was going to give you sticker shock at any given moment! 🙂

    But it is really hilarious about the shoes and shorts! So true that we will spend crazy money that ‘seems reasonable’ on running stuff. But hey, we spend enough time running – we’re worth it, right?!? 🙂

  3. The right shorts make you run much faster. It’s real science. 🙂
    I’m so glad to hear that your injury is better! HOORAY FOR SPEED WORK! Those sure are some pretty shoes too. That’s kind of how I feel about one of my pairs of New Balances (the racing flats). I don’t know how often I will wear them, but they look like one of those Lisa Frank unicorn illustrations so I’ll keep them around. 🙂

    • So far I like the shoes, which surprised me because I’ve not had luck with non-Newton shoes. I’m going to give them another spin today on a slightly longer run and hopefully have enough to write a review about them soon. Even if they end up not being run in, they worked great doing my crosstraining after.

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