Looking at the Bright Side of Injury

I’m taking my first DNS (“did not start” for those not in the know) for a race on Sunday. While my hip continues to improve — especially after a fantastic massage on Wednesday that utilized some Thai massage techniques — it is far wiser for me to sit out the half marathon. It’s an inaugural race in the park where I always train and I’ve really been struggling with the inner argument that wants me to run it anyway. But common sense is prevailing… And the glare my husband gives me if I so much as hint I might want to give it a go.

Lucky for me, this is the weather forecast for Sunday:


If I believed in the man upstairs, I’d say he’s telling me something. πŸ˜‰ I won’t be sorry to miss running 13.1 miles in a thunderstorm in 80% humidity.

Hey, maybe they’ll reschedule the race. I can dream, no?

11 thoughts on “Looking at the Bright Side of Injury

  1. That is wise. I know when my hip was on and off bad, I would really get set back by running a race – even a 5K. Missing one race to be able to run many more is really smart!

  2. I have not yet had a DNS, but I tend not to sign up for much … but I can certainly understand how crappy it must have been! I mean, you can know ‘it was the right thing’ and all that … doesn’t make it suck any less!

    I assume at this point that the race wasn’t postponed? πŸ™‚

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