Monday (lack of) Motivation

I’m writing this post as procrastination from my run today. Yesterday’s recovery run was sluggish as hell the first half, so I scaled back my speed and then it was better the last couple miles. But my ankles feel really tight for some reason. I’m not sure what’s up with that, perhaps from the fact that my cadence has gone all high since my hip injury and my body is trying to adapt? I’m not sure. I had to stop a couple times to stretch out the ankles, and that’s unusual for me.

For some reason, I’m feeling really discouraged with my running lately. I guess I’m wishing that I felt speedier, but I’ve been kind of coasting through my races and don’t seem to have much will to push harder. Still, I’m dealing with an injury, so what I’m doing makes sense. I just wish I wanted to push harder. Instead, I feel complacent in a bad way. I want some fire, dammit!

It doesn’t help that my coach hasn’t sent me my running schedule. So I’m on my own today (and possibly longer? I don’t know what’s up with her, although she did have a bad race a few weeks ago. Still, she’s always gotten me my plan before, so I’m not sure what to make of this.) and not sure what I ought to do for training. I keep waffling between punting it and piddling around for a few miles or running long. Bleh.

Hopefully this ennui will pass.


11 thoughts on “Monday (lack of) Motivation

  1. tundrawoman says:

    ^Second Judy’s observation. Trying to train and run while injured must be a huge challenge.
    BTW, I know you purchased some new running shoes recently-have you been breaking in a new pair? Just wondering…

    • I rotate my shoes, so I have been partly breaking in some shoes. But I’ve not used any new ones on anything except easy runs. None of my current rotation shoes are terribly old. I’m wearing newish ones today and then just got soaked in a sudden downpour. Yuck. Sloshy feet.

  2. There seem to be a lot of similar ‘early summer-blahs’ posts around, people just not feeling it now … and I am sure that the injury doesn’t help. Give yourself a break and some time to get back to it … running will still be there.

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