Pre-Race Relaxing

The weather is gorgeous here in Fairfield, Connecticut and it’s supposed to be similar tomorrow morning — high 50s and ocean-breezy. Much nicer than when I ran this race last year and it was in the mid-80s by when I finished.

Last year, this half marathon was my first half marathon ever, and I had a fabulous race. I’d only been running about 5 months and used the Jeff Galloway run/walk method to cross the finish line in 2:06. My goal time had been 2:15, so I was understandably thrilled.

I’m so happy the weather will be good tomorrow because my hip is questionable. Any day I run on it, I have trouble walking on it later in the day. By morning, it’s usually better but still twingy. The first 3 miles of my training runs have been difficult, but usually it gets a little looser at that point. However, I know it’s affected my gait because my cadence has shot up from an 196 SPM (strides per minute for the non-runners, which is the number of times your feet hit the ground) to 211 my last run. My stride has shortened, probably to minimize the impact on the injured side, and my turnover has increased to compensate. Additionally, I can feel my ankles working differently and getting more tired than usual.

The race course has roughly four hills, two of which are short but steep. I’m more concerned about the down hill because that seemed to be what wrecked me during the Runner’s World race two weeks ago. I need to be very conscious of my stride going down to ensure I don’t do more harm to my body.

Both my trainer and chiropractor think the injury is in my adductor muscle. However, the problem probably stems from a combination of piriformis and psoas tightness. We’re still working on resolving the issue, but since I’ve been a dumbass and racing so much, we’ve held off on strength exercises so I won’t be too tired to race. Which is why it’s good that I’m taking a break from racing after the 4-miler on July 4 (which I’ll punt if I need to). I think my body is trying to tell me it needs a bit of a rest. Damn being in my 40s.

I even turned down an opportunity to run on a Ragnar Adirondack team because it falls too closely to my fall marathon. I just think running around at night isn’t a great way to get to the Baystate start healthy. I’m sad about this because Ragnar is on my race bucket list. Another year.

I’m so happy that I’m staying at my mother-in-law’s this weekend. It’s ally’s great to hang out at her homes. I totally lucked out in the in-law department.

Besides, what could be more lovely than the view here to get me in the zone? Her house is about a mile from the race start/finish, so I’ll just walk there in the morning. It’s a really great course that goes by the beach and through some swank neighborhoods. The fire department even puts out sprinklers, which last year I took full advantage. A lot of the spectators put out their own hoses as well.

So, I’m not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I’m going to try to enjoy the day and my sixth half marathon.



5 thoughts on “Pre-Race Relaxing

  1. Martha B says:

    How did you luck into such fantastic summer race weather?! I am jealous.
    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling physically 100%, but here’s to running a good, strong, race. Enjoy your R&R this weekend!

  2. Maria says:

    I’m so jealous of all the races you’ve been running! I’m sorry that you’re dealing with an iffy hip. I hope it gets figured out soon. Best of luck on the race!

  3. Sorry, I’m late reading this. I hope your race went well. I’d say good luck, but I guess that is too late. I hope you ran a great race and your hip did well!!!

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