Marathon Weecap

Not quite a recap, but just a few quick things and reflections

* official time 4:18

* it’s over 5 hours later and my stomach is still rebelling. I tend to have a strong stomach, so I need to figure out what I did wrong to cause this problem. Probably something I ate yesterday.

* at mile 26, a woman runner was hanging off the neck of a man howling that she couldn’t walk. She was clutching her leg and even I could see it was spasming. I was running to the finish at a good clip, but I think seeing her and realizing how ok my legs felt spurred me on to kick it up a little. I thought to myself that I really was fine in comparison and very lucky to be running

* I ran into a couple runners from my training group that I quit. The coach I didn’t care for did not go to the race to cheer for/motivate the team. I think this is appalling.

* I wish I had been able to keep a better attitude when I felt sick, but I’m also going to remember that I finished and finished fairly strong. I still believe I could’ve gotten my BQ had it been another day. Last week’s race and the speed I ran towards the end of this race showed me that. So far, my legs feel pretty good, although the sole of my left foot feels pretty darn pounded. We have been in the car a couple hours and just got out at a rest stop, and the legs feel no worse than after a long run. Ask me tomorrow if I can descend my stairs.

Neither last week’s (that I ran as my last long training run) nor today’s full were the races I am capable of running. I am frustrated (not so much by last week since I ran the way I was supposed to), but not discouraged.

* it was super windy, especially at the end — blowing west at 29 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. The last couple bridges were not fun, what with grit flying into our faces. The temperature was alright, though. I don’t feel the wind really affected my time.

* tmi warning: my period started early today. That might’ve been partially responsible for my stomach distress.

* more tmi: I think it’s hilarious I peed myself in the final stretch. My son? Never wants me to speak of it again.

* my stomach felt so lousy that I declined several offers for high fives. This is one of my race favorite acts (I slapped at least 50 in DC last weekend). Poor me!

* my garmin watch that I had fully charged last night decided to drain the battery (never happened before). I realized it was nearly dead right as we were leaving our hotel room. I had brought a spare, but one that isn’t as accurate. I had a minor freak out. Luckily our hotel was at the foot of the start line, so my husband ran back to pick up my re-charging garmin and handed it to me 15 minutes before start time. It was still only 65% charged, but it was enough for the race. I wore the spare on my other wrist, just in case.

* I was glad to have my garmin 220 especially because for once it and the course markers almost matched. The entire race I was about .05/mile ahead of the course markers. Not bad!

* this happened just down the street from the race finish just after I finished. Caused a big traffic jam. “9 Acrobats Injured After Circus Platform Collapses” good read

* below is a picture of the race start/finish from our dirty hotel window



7 thoughts on “Marathon Weecap

  1. I can definitely understand the feeling of frustration. Most races are not going to be perfect though, and as hard as that is to stomach, it is what it is. There will be other races, and eventually we will make the time we want, or run the race we knew we could.

  2. I’m sorry that you went through all that!!! It is so frustrating how one day we can be on top of the world running and the next we are down in the valley. Like you said, a different day and you would have BQed.

    I hope you recover quickly!!!

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Some of those are pretty hilarious happenings! I would have loved to have seen someone running with two watches on. I ran a marathon a few years ago that rained the whole way through the second half. & I was convinced that people were peeing their pants. Why not? No one would ever know. I ran the Pittsburgh marathon a few years ago. It was so hilly! You never realize that bridges are actually hills in disguise. So I feel your pain.

  4. I’m so sorry that things didn’t pan out in the best way, but that is still an amazing time and I think it’s so awesome you finished while not feeling your best. You are amazing and next time you are going to kill that PR again! I hope you are feeling better today.

    Also my jaw just dropped when I read the part about your old coach not showing up. That is absolutely disgusting. Shame on them.

  5. Congrats on your marathon! You need to remember your accomplishment, not the obstacles. The first goal for any marathon is to finish. Time goals come with more experience.
    BTW, I’ve seen all sorts of nasty stuff coming out of people’s shorts during races…..ALL SORTS!

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