And then I peed myself

My race was not what I’d hoped. I knew fairly early on that I was not going to go sub-4 like I hoped, and I basically gave up.

In fact, I had decided I wanted to DNF as soon as I met my husband at the 18th mile. But the sonofabitch wouldn’t let me.

I did later thank him for pushing me. But not before I whined a bunch. It was not pretty.

I had problems with my stomach. I’m not sure why because last weekend I did all the same stuff. It felt crappy until it decided to let up a bit around mile 20-21. So my last 10k was improved, but I was also tired by then and not very motivated to do much besides finish. I did pull out an 8 minute/mile pace the last .2 and my last three miles were faster than the previous 6.

And I had an in incontinence issue around mile 26. That was new. I didn’t even feel like I needed to pee.

So not a total loss, and a 13 minute improvement over my marathon 2 months ago (yes, an ugly PR).

Oh well. I’m trying again in October. I know I’m capable of a 3:55 marathon right now. It just wasn’t today. Boo.

17 thoughts on “And then I peed myself

  1. I’ve been checking wp all morning in hopes of seeing a post from you. That is a great improvement…congrats!!!! You’ve got the sub-4 in you for sure…like you said, just not today. Get some good rest and be proud of yourself! 🙂

  2. You are allowed to whine and complain and have a bad day. Today’s success: You finished anyway and you aren’t giving up running because the run was a disappointment. You also discovered finishing fast isn’t as important to you as finishing feeling good.

    • I have a hard it thinking of myself as hardcore after how I whined to my husband about wanting to quit the race, but if guess I did stick it out. Bodily malfunctions and all.

  3. One of my early posts on my blog last year was ‘an ugly PR is still a PR’. So yeah, celebrate anyway – and heck, you ran a marathon, you get to complain all you want!

    • I think you wrote about an ugly PR on my blog after my 5k ugly PR a few weeks ago and I loved the phrase. So true!

      I suppose I shouldn’t complain about 3 PRs in 3 distances in three weeks. Ugly or not 🙂

  4. As I’ve recently learned first hand, finishing is really what it’s all about. Congrats on a PR. Don’t think about the negative, think about what you persevered through to finish a tough race, including pee. Great job, you are amazing!!!!

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