Am I Ready?

Hello from Providence!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I remember one of my first trips was to visit my aunt when I was 14 or so for ballet camp. I stayed with her for 3 weeks and my parents said she ruined me when I got home. Whatever that meant. It still ranks among my favorite summers, take that weirdo mom. I also stayed several weeks with my maternal grandparents. I spent those weeks watching the Olympics and soap operas with my grandfather. Yes, he liked the soaps, especially One Life to Live. He wasn’t a big talker, but I still remember him saying, “Oh, Tina” with an incredulous shake of his head.

I think my mom was glad to have me away most of that summer, to be honest. My brother and sister stayed home with my mother. It was a good move for me. I almost wonder if that summer is part of what saved me (if by “saved” you mean I still became an alcoholic, but I at least found enough self-preservation to get help eventually). I definitely felt very loved that vacation.

20140503-083729.jpgAnyway, when in Providence that summer, my ballet camp friends and I wandered the town and went into the Biltmore Hotel in downtown because it had a glass elevator. Like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory‘s glass elevator! I was actually nervous at the top riding that thing (or maybe being dramatic because — hello! — 14 years old and actually being able to act 14 for a change). In retrospect, it’s not very tall. I was still half convinced we were going to blast off the top into space. Ah, imagination.

The Biltmore was built in 1922, and I remembered it as being glamorous. When my teen friends and I entered giggling into the lobby, we thought they’d kick us out for wearing street clothes.

No one blinked an eye, robbing us of our clandestine dreams. We still rode up and down a couple times before our bravery left us and we scooted back outside. Didn’t want to get picked up by the hotel police.

Our current hotel is across the street from the Biltmore. It looks very small and dated now that Providence has grown around it, but it still has the glass elevator. I may have to go ride it tomorrow after the race.

Ok, I’m old and nostalgic.

Dinner last night was disappointing. I chose a steakhouse in our hotel because it had great reviews on Open Table, Trip Advisor and Yelp. Maybe I’m a giant snob, but for $50 a steak, it was mediocre at best and I wish we’d eaten at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse across the street. Or even Cheesecake Factory. I plan to do a review on Trip Advisor of the place because I’m aggravated that it basically sucked. They did get the cook on the steak perfect, but the cut of meat was not great. I hope dinner tonight on Federal Hill will be better. I’ll be seeing my aunt (who says the place I chose is awesome), so even if it’s ok food, it’ll be good company.

20140503-084826.jpgMy husband has put me on bed rest today. Which I’m ok with. I do have a 20-30 minute shakeout run that I’ll do on the hotel treadmill once my coffee starts doing its magic. We may go to a movie later. Our hotel is attached to both a shopping mall and the convention center where the race expo is being held, and the movie theater is part of the mall. I already picked up my number yesterday, but I need to go back to the expo to pick up some other race stuff that I didn’t get yesterday. It’s a tiny expo, so I won’t we cruising around excessively. The race start is about a block away, I believe just down that street in my photo from my hotel room. You can see the Biltmore to the far right. Sorry so grungy… the window needs to be washed πŸ˜› .

Also, our hotel is hosting a cheerleading championship, which means rugrats and raucous teens are crawling all over this place. I wouldn’t mind except that at 3 am some of them seemed to still be carousing, and I was not pleased.

20140503-084716.jpgMy 19-year-old boy is sort of excited about it, though. Too bad he has some studying to do for a final. Bwahahahaha!!!! No cheerleaders for you, boy.

He’s still sleeping. He thought it’d be funny to blow on my face last night when I was trying to sleep. I think he’s hoping if he’s annoying enough, we’ll start getting him his own hotel room. This picture of him is my revenge. Nice bed head.

I’m still feeling pretty calm, which is weird. I’m hoping it’s because I’m ready and not because, I dunno, I’ve given up? I don’t think I’ve given up. I did every workout on my schedule, tried to take care of my body with crosstraining, sleep and food. Whatever happens tomorrow, I can say I did my best to get me here.

I think I’m ready.


8 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. I know when I’ve prepared myself for an event, I reach the point right before where all I can think is “get if over with already!” I think it actually comes down to “I hate waiting.” If I feel like I’m waiting then it’s annoying. But it’s frustrating when I feel like I’m preparing down to the last minute. Tricky balance to reach. I hope you ride the elevator. πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  2. I think you are ready – just so much stuff in your head associated with Providence … which I think is kind of cool.

    Too bad on the steak – it is really always hard to know, and when it is expensive and highly rated, it is more disappointing. We don’t dine out often, so that would really bug me.

    My brother lived in Providence for several years before they moved down to Princeton NJ. I can’t remember if their younger daughter was born in RI or NJ, but then she is just 2 weeks younger than our younger son (16) – and we were still in the hospital when she was born!

    Good luck – you’re going to rock!

  3. Good luck! There are those races that we just take it easy beforehand, like our minds finally understand there’s no reason to be stressed, we’ve done everything we were supposed to.
    Sounds like a great trip, especially with the memories attached.
    Can’t wait to read how the race went.

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