April Review, the Taper & Scenes from DC

I’m all packed to leave for Providence tomorrow. Weather looks promising for Sunday morning. I’ve been concerned about rain. I don’t mind running in the rain, except that it does promote foot blisters. I’d rather not have raw feet for the better part of 26.2 miles.

I have an aunt who lives in the area. We’re not staying with her, but we are going to get dinner together and possibly lunch Sunday if timing works. I haven’t seen her in over 2 years, and I miss her a lot.

April was mostly a good month for me. I got a new personal trainer, had a fantastic run in DC, had some great training runs. I also got a cold, had a crappy 20 miler while sick and a disappointing 5k result.

20140501-211513.jpgOverall, though, I ran my second highest mileage month to date and tied for second fastest month. My fastest month was in December with an average pace of 8:34/mile. I wasn’t training for a race then, having done a half marathon in November and taking a slight break before starting marathon training in January. My mileage was less and I did it a little faster, I guess.

Yesterday was my final speed workout before the marathon. It was just a brief portion of an 8 mile run (30 minute warm up, 10×20 second strides with 1:00 recovery jog between, 30 minute cool down). It was raining here, so I did the warm up and cool down on the Y treadmill, then I used their indoor track for the intervals. It was a little annoying because the track is too scaled down to have one straightaway long enough for each speed segment, so I had to turn a rather sharp corner twice. I’m not used to taking corners so hard, so it was a little unnerving.

Because I was navigating around other runners and dealing with a technical issue of the turns, I didn’t look at my watch to check my paces for each speed interval. I counted to 20, which meant my intervals weren’t precise. Most were longer than 20 seconds. I didn’t count for the recovery jogs, but instead jogged until I felt slightly recovered. I was feeling pretty pukey towards the end and walked a bit in the recoveries.

20140501-212616.jpgI had no idea of how I’d done because I didn’t check my splits until after I finished the entire workout. I thought I’d be disappointed in my speed, but that turned out to be completely wrong.

I maybe overdid things, however. I feel fine, but I’m not sure I was supposed to go that fast. I didn’t know I could hit 5:23-5:56 minute mile paces, especially when it wasn’t an all-out effort. Can’t say I’m not kind of pleased about it, though.

I’m nowhere near running a full mile at that speed, however. Yet 😉

I’ve not had taper issues this week (knock on wood). I’m glad to not be freaking out like I was last week. That was unpleasant. I did a recovery training session with my personal trainer on Monday, a 30 minute recovery run then a visit to my chiropractor. Tuesday I got a massage and my hair cut. Wednesday was the stride workout. Today was a 40 minute easy run, 30 minute sun salutation yoga class and a second visit to my chiro for a tune up of my hips, IT band, right calf muscle and lower back. A lower mileage and yoga week for sure, but otherwise it didn’t feel too much different than any other week.

I keep forgetting to ask my husband to send me the pictures he took of me at the race Sunday. Some of them are decent. The official race photographers didn’t seem to get any of me. I’m surprised there isn’t at least a finish line photo. I did see photographers on the course a few places, but I was probably blocked by other runners as we passed (I wasn’t especially aggressive about getting in a picture but lots of ladies were).

But below are some pictures I took on the trip. The first is the view from our hotel room. The one with a guy in a zebra striped robe is my husband being silly and our son. I wish I could’ve gotten my son to wear the cheetah print robe at the same time (he did wear it earlier and said he was the new Hugh Hefner). The turquoise one with the names on it (including mine) was from a giant sign Nike made of all the race participants and put on the side of their Georgetown store. We walked by it totally by accident, but, man, am I glad we did 🙂















6 thoughts on “April Review, the Taper & Scenes from DC

  1. You’ve been wanting to see what would happen if you simply listened to your body. Go you! Thanks for sharing the pictures. How fun!

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