Goofy Garmin

We’re on our way to the airport. I feel pretty calm. Because I need to take it easy for the half in order to recover for next week’s full marathon, I’m making peace with not breaking 2 hours for the race — on purpose.

I had a nice run on the treadmill this morning, although my Garmin decided to try to use GPS despite that I was in my basement and usually get zero satellite signals down there. The watch kept pausing as if I were standing still and I thought there was a foot pod issue. I reset the watch twice while still running, but it didn’t help.

I didn’t know what had gone wrong until I uploaded the workout and saw it had graphed my run like this:


It looks like I ran like a crazy person in my yard.


6 thoughts on “Goofy Garmin

  1. Interesting. On Boylston Street at the end of the Boston Marathon, my Garmin chimed in at mile 26 and then a second later chimed in “Lost Satellite Signal”. My Garmin lost the signal on Boylston Street during the Boston Marathon!
    At the time I was a bit too pre-occupied to give a damn.
    When I uploaded my run it shows my pace dropped to 30 minute miles and then jumped to 6:38 miles. I was running neither pace that last 385 yards of that marathon.

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