Feeling more positive

Thanks to everyone who wrote kind words and wisdom. It really helped. I allowed myself Sunday to mope a little and today went for my 24-miler feeling better.

It went well. I felt awesome the first 18. The last 6 were a little harder, but I also ran them faster because I felt solid. I practiced fueling and water and those both went well. My husband may try to have a refill of my UCAN bottle for me at mile 18 if we can swing it. I have noticed that I get super thirsty around this time and I need to work on hydrating well in advanced. I don’t need to be obsessed with water when I’m trying to finish the race.

This was my last long run of the training cycle. I’ll have a few runs around 10-15 miles, but that distance seems less stressful after all the miles.

Now if I can come close to this performance on race day…


14 thoughts on “Feeling more positive

  1. Nice job! I like how you didn’t go even a .01 further than 24. Haha! Great time! Way to negative split. Though it also confuses me how I can run a 22 minute 5k, but can’t break 4 hours in a marathon yet. Furthest I got at that pace was 20 miles. That last 10k gets me. I need to fix that.

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