Disappointing 5k Race

On paper I should be happy. My unofficial 24:25 5k (7:52/mile pace) is a new PR. I was 4th female and 9th overall. I’m not sure what the final race participation was, but it was more than last year which the race website said was around 200 people.

Just for comparative purposes, I ran the same race last year in 30:11 and was 50th.

But first, the course was short according to my Garmin (again, like last year). And while I probably felt considerably better than I did running last year as a newbie runner, I still felt pretty crap. Basically, I ran my 10k pace from January, but I felt far better in that race.

I’m hoping that this is a function of where I am in marathon training. I’m not going to make excuses. But I am bummed it wasn’t a better time. It should be more in the low 23:xx or even high 22:xx on a great day. Today was neither. I let a woman pass me in the last .10 mile, which was just dumb.

I need to put it behind me for my 24-miler on Monday.


21 thoughts on “Disappointing 5k Race

  1. Sorry you had a bad race.
    Keep in mind a race is not an indication of where you are fitness/running wise. We all have bad days, bad runs, bad races. A race that falls in a particular random day cannot accurately reflect that, and if you think you are around 23 then that’s probably right.

    • I hope you’re right. I think my bad run Thursday poisoned my attitude for the race. I’d already half given up on a PR before I hit the start line. I need to think of the race as a speed workout and move on.

  2. I sense a little being hard on yourself in this post which I can totally relate to. I’m sorry it feel like a good race, you’ll get em nice time! And you would have left me in the dust too. πŸ™‚

  3. The last 5K I ran was 2.92 miles on my Garmin, but the record shows a PR for me. Not terribly exciting.
    Training for a marathon and training for 5K and 10K races is different. As you know, they are completely different types of races.
    9th over all is pretty good. I know that 4th place stings though. Next time.

    • That 4th place does sting. It was a huge mental stumble on my part.

      I have to remember that I’m not training for short distance speed, like you said. Thank you. Your words help.

  4. As Laslo said in ‘Real Genius’ – I’m happy and sad for you!

    Anyway, an ugly PR is still a PR, so celebrate that, and get yourself ready for the long run!

  5. I wouldn’t get too bummed out about it. I reckon your body is just starting to slow down as the inexorable creep of fatigue sets in. Marathon training will do that.
    However, you’re still running faster than last year so that speaks to the amount of your improvement, and your in the middle of a marathon cycle. I think in the big picture you’re doing great!

  6. That is still an AMAZING time, but I know what you mean. I’m really hard on myself about things like this too so I understand. I agree with all the other wise people who said that the marathon training will do this to your shorter distance times. You are going to have a GREAT 24 miler!

  7. Isn’t it crazy how we can run the best race and still be disappointed? You are a competitor, I can tell. Keep working, trying and pushing. One day you will get to where you want to be (if your like me, maybe not, but you will get far and look back in amazement!!!).

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