The Foam Roller is my Friend

20140411-161944.jpgI’m grouchy today. After a fabulous Yasso 800 workout on Wednesday, yesterday’s run in the park was lousy. It was supposed to feel easy and it didn’t. I Today’s run on the treadmill felt better, but not great. I have a 5k tomorrow morning and I’m feeling discouraged. I chose the treadmill because I knew if I tried the park again, I’d push too much to prove I don’t suck, and I needed to be easy on myself the day before a race. Or as easy as I’m capable — I still probably pushed pace too much today.

I hate that the lousy run affects me more than the awesome one did.

I’ve got a tight right calf, so I’ve been foam rolling it. Nothing dire, but I don’t want it to get worse. I can’t believe that in two weeks I’ll be in DC for the Nike Half Marathon. Check out my new Newton Distance Elite Ironman Special Editions. Cute, no? I have no intention of ever doing an Ironman, but I liked the color of these better than the regular Distance Elites. These sneaks are by far my favorite running shoes. So comfortable and lightweight.

I don’t feel like figuring out what’s for dinner, but if I don’t, no one else will. I know, tough life. I just want to loaf on the sofa and feel sorry for myself.

Just one of those days.


9 thoughts on “The Foam Roller is my Friend

  1. Ack, everyone has crappy runs here and there – I think they are good for us, because they put the good runs into perspective in a “no light without the dark” kind of way. 😉 Still, at the time, they are pretty pants!

  2. Definitely entitled to have days like that. I interpret 90% of my runs to be bad runs… and I make meal plans with the grocery list… and I still throw a mini-fit on the couch because I don’t wanna go make dinner. good luck with your 5k!!! remember to have fun!

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