Channel Swim Team

No, I’ve not taken up swimming, although at least one of my husband’s friends would love it if I did. Those who have been reading my blog for the last couple years know my husband swam the English Channel last fall. I tagged along and ran around the countryside and tried not to strangle one guy on our trip who was making me bonkers (and admittedly, my issues with him were at least half my own fault).

20140407-102936.jpgOne of the women who crewed for my husband last year is making the attempt to cross the channel this September, and I’m tagging along again. Although I won’t be on the boat (my husband will as her coach), she still included me when she had t-shirts made up for her crew.

This woman is one of the nicest, best people I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with. Part of the reason she is swimming the channel is to raise money and awareness for building a pool in her area in Vermont. Currently there isn’t a facility for anyone to use, and she often drives all the way to our area in New York in order to train. She’s such an inspiration. I’m so excited to be a part of her adventure.

Besides being thrilled about going back to England and hanging with my friend in a trailer park, and hopefully buying blogger Furtheron that cup of tea I owe him, I’m also looking forward to tackling this one giant hill into and out of the town of Folkestone. Last year I was recovering from a foot injury, so I only practiced running down it for the 2.5 or so miles. This fall I want to run it both ways. I think. In theory it sounds like a good idea, but it might kill me.

Yesterday I ran 18 miles and it went pretty well. I wasn’t as fast as I was when I did a similar run two weeks ago (4 minutes slower), but it was a way more comfortable run than last week when I was sick. I mentally went into this run nervous about my performance last week. But I also knew that it was mostly mental and that last week if was severely impeded by not being healthy.

This week I also incorporated hills into the run that were of similar distance and incline to those in the Providence Marathon. The last 8 miles were at faster than marathon goal pace. It was a tough run, but I feel alright this morning.

In two months, I’m participating in the Runners World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon Festival. I’ve signed up for the “hat trick”, or all three races (5k, 10k & half marathon). I’ve also signed up for a shakeup run they will be hosting on Friday night. I’ll get to run with Bart Yasso! I’m so geeked out.

I have a Yasso 800 workout on my schedule for this Wednesday. Maybe knowing I’m going to meet the man will put extra oomph into my workout.

It’s funny that the hat trick doesn’t intimidate me anymore the way it did when I signed up for this last year. I guess running 50-60 miles a week during marathon training will do that to you. I’m really looking forward to this event, especially since I am originally from the area, and hell, Boston! I’m actually staying on the Boston College campus in a dorm room. My dad went to school there, so I’ve visited a few times. It’s a really nice campus.

Just in the interest of disclosure, I’m paying my own way for the event. I’ve seen lots of bloggers who got free race registration. I’m not one of those lucky ones. So all my blathering about any race is unsponsored and 100 percent my own blathering.

Now, if anyone wants to sponsor me, I’d be glad to blather on your behalf.


11 thoughts on “Channel Swim Team

  1. So much coolness in this post. That shirt is great it’s so awesome that your husband swam the Channel! I hope you kick that hill’s butt in September. 🙂

    As for the Hat Trick, that sounds right up my alley. What a fun experience that will be! (I want to run with Bart Yasso!)

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