Try, Try Again

20140321-203402.jpgMy support team has been tattling on me.

My husband and my chiropractor are apparently upset on my behalf about my calf strain injury brought on by an excessive personal training session last month, and they’ve been talking to other people about it. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, it’s great to have people looking out for me. On the other, it’s not my intention to get my ex-trainer in trouble even if she was negligent in her training of me.

But one upside is that I think I may have a new personal trainer. This one is also at the Y, but at a different branch (good so that I don’t have to run into the old trainer while with a new one – awkward, although my husband says it’d be “her own damn fault”). I talked with him on the phone today, and I liked what he had to say. In retrospect, I realized that the ex-trainer didn’t do an assessment with me when I first started with her, but this trainer and my first (still much missed) trainer do this with their new clients. I probably should’ve been concerned over that too.

The new guy knows a bit about my situation from my chiropractor, and he made a point of telling me that the workouts during marathon training would be set up to support the training, not to escalate new muscle work. From what my chiro told me, this guy was also shocked that the ex-trainer had me doing aggressive workouts just days before a marathon.

Fingers crossed. I see him Wednesday morning.

In running news, I had a terrific tempo run this week. I ran 12 miles total, with 5 tempo miles at an average 7:44 pace. By far my fastest tempo run. I was actually surprised it felt so good.

I’ve got a 5k in three weeks, a half marathon (the Nike Women’s Half in DC) in 5 weeks and then the Providence full marathon in six weeks. I’m excited but also scared silly. The roads are still sucky here, and I’ve not logged nearly as many road miles as I’d like. I hope this changes soon. It’s funny, though, in many ways I feel no more or less scared than I did this time last year as I approached my very first race.


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