Running Shoes & Racing Shirts

20140317-190336.jpgI realized the other day that my “new” running shoes from Christmas already have 400 miles on them. My trail shoes, which I’ve been using when it’s icy outside, are pretty much toast. It’s time to buy new running shoes. Yay?

I’ve read in a couple places that rotating running shoes helps reduce injury because different shoes use the muscles slightly differently. Plus it keeps the insoles from getting over squished. I usually use one pair on the treadmill and another on the roads, but maybe I should switch things up even more.

Today UPS delivered the quilt I had made. It’s made from shirts from all but one of the races I participated in last year, from my very first race through the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn. I didn’t include the shirt from my last race of the year, First Night, because I liked the shirt so well I wanted to wear it. Campus Quilt put it all together, and I love it.

Of course, I won’t do this again next year, but I thought it would be a fun way to commemorate my first year of running and racing. Going forward, unless I think it will be an awesome shirt and a women’s cut, I’ll probably take the option of no shirt when it’s an option at registration. Lots of shirts are unisex, and they look like potato sacks on me.



19 thoughts on “Running Shoes & Racing Shirts

  1. I read somewhere the reason for rotating shoes, at least every other day, was to give them plenty of time to air out, reducing the risk of athlete’s foot.

    What a great quilt!

  2. Cool quilt. Not sure I could do that, but it’s a good way to use all of those shirts.
    Question – did you get a medal at your first race? At your first 5K? If you didn’t, did it matter?

    • I’m not that big on race medals. I donated one of them to Medals for Mettle. Shirts are cool when I can wear them. But honestly, most of the time I’d rather races have more porta potties with the registration fees than medals or shirts.

      I have to admit I do kind of like getting a trinket for placing in a race, though. But if I didn’t, that’s be alright too.

  3. that quilt looks amazing. I may have to dig up my old shirts and do something with them. I opt out of shirts usually too. then somehow I wind up with one despite not paying. WIN. haha

  4. Clever thing to do with the shirts – never seen that over here.

    Women – always an excuse for a new pair of shoes… no doubt you’ll just HAVE to buy a matching handbag too 😉

  5. I love that quilt – what an amazing idea! Besides being a wonderful reminder to your first year of running, it finds some use for all those t-shirts. I had to laugh about your shoe problem, as I’m in exactly the same situation – I have 6 pairs of running shoes I currently use actively, for different situations and workouts. It’s absolutely true that my running shoes cost a lot more than all my other shoes combined (wait, I have other shoes!?!).

  6. I have a bunch of shoes in my closet that look brand new, but are too broken down on the inside to run on. It always looks like I’ve just wasted the shoes!

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