58 miles, and some of them good

20140316-202537.jpgIt was an interesting week training-wise.

Monday – 5.5 mile recovery run, chiropractor
Tuesday – day off (meant to do 15-30 minutes strength training, but it didn’t happen)
Wednesday – easy 11 miles @ 8:38, push ups & tricep dips
Thursday – 75 minutes yoga, easy 6.4 miles @ 8:28
Friday – 12 miles Yasso 800s
Saturday – easy 4.6 miles @ 8:39, 75 minutes warm yoga (challenging class)
Sunday – 18.5 mile long run @ 9:31, 1 hour vinyasa yoga

Total weekly mileage = 58

I wasn’t all that pleased with today’s run. I had a bad attitude beforehand. It was a group run with the training group, and it was godawful cold. I almost skipped it, but hoped the weather would be better than forecast. It wasn’t, and I was just not into it. I finished up the last 5 miles on the Y treadmill before yoga class just to feel slightly less miserable. I was very tempted to spend all of yoga in child’s pose. Something about 15 mph wind in 19 degrees (so it felt like mid-single digits) wears me out.

Luckily my son is cooking burgers tonight, so I don’t have to do anything except whine and groan on the sofa tonight.

This week I have a lot of miles again, but I’m not joining the running group for my long run. I have a fast finish 18 miler next Sunday, and I need to be in control of the pacing for that. I have to admit, today I was fantasizing a little about dropping down to the half marathon. I won’t do it, but I was so over the long run today before it started. It happens, or so I’ve heard from more experienced runners.


9 thoughts on “58 miles, and some of them good

  1. There are simply days that are best spent in bed, but life demands you drag yourself out. Best thing to do is make it through and start over tomorrow. I’m working on not beating myself up for those “I wish I could quit but I can’t” days.

    • Yesterday’s run was difficult. My iPhone even protested the cold by turning off despite being right against my body under layers of clothes. No wonder I wasn’t into my run.

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