Moving Forward

20140307-123430.jpgI had a terrific run yesterday after yoga class. My legs are finally starting to feel a little back to normal. Not bad for just a few days after a full marathon. [my race recap is here]

Although, honestly, the two weeks prior to my marathon, I was feeling sluggish with my runs, especially my speed workouts. A lot of this is likely due to my new personal trainer. She completely wipes me out with her sessions, and a part of me thinks this is good and another thinks it’s too much.

Exhibit A: my calf injury from box jumps and other plyometrics, like long jumps and lunging jumping jacks, less than a week before a marathon.

My chiropractor, who has now assisted me with running through two injuries, gently suggested that my trainer should have known better. Granted, I should’ve grown some balls and said it was too much for the week before, but she’s the professional. My chiro doesn’t know what she could’ve been thinking.

She didn’t just do a maintenance workout, she actually increased the height of my box jumps. These exercises are known for potential injury to the calf and Achilles’ tendon.

I skipped working with her this week, and as next Tuesday creeps closer, I am feeling like I’m not sure I want to continue with her. I’m dreading the session.

What I probably should do is have a grown up discussion with her about my needs. I don’t know why the thought of that is hard for me. I just get this sense that she will be disappointed in me, and I don’t need that in a trainer. I have no aspirations to be a “badass”. I simply want to run well and healthy and get faster. I don’t shy from tough workouts, but I’ve been so fatigued from these, I may be doing more harm than good. It’s one thing to deliberately run on tired legs as part of training, but it’s another to struggle with my speed workouts because my muscles are drained from personal training sessions.

It does make me feel like a cowardly wimp, though. And I’m pretty sure I’m being unfair to myself to feel that way, but it is what I feel.

I know strength training is an important component of my running and I’d like to continue working on that aspect. I probably should give her the opportunity to modify the workouts and see how that goes. But as it stands, I think I’m at risk for more injuries if the status quo continues. Still, I feel riddled with (self) doubt because she is the “expert” and I’m just the client.

I need to think more about this.


10 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. You are the expert on you! Nobody else. Someone who would deliberately put you at risk of injury is not a safe person. You know this. Give yourself credit for not wimping out but for doing what is best for you. Isn’t there another way to push yourself without doing something so obviously risky? Take care of you! No one else will. You’re making amazing progress. Go you!

    • You at so right, but I feel GUILTY that I’m dreading seeing this trainer again. Isn’t that weird? I miss my old trainer 😦

      I’m looking into other options, like maybe a boot camp class, which will save me some money too as it would be part of my YMCA membership.

      • Maybe it’s more a feeling guilty that maybe you aren’t giving the trainer a fair shake because no one is perfect… I’m endeavoring to remember reasons I felt guilty when I shouldn’t… it’s usually because I’m afraid of hurting their feelings because I know how it feels to be judged and found wanting. Maybe reframing it would help. This isn’t working for you, and you feel the need to trying something else… like what you’re thinking about with the YMCA.

  2. You are FAR from being a cowardly wimp! I think just because someone is an “expert” at something doesn’t mean that they know better. You know you better than anyone! It sounds like she is giving you a lot of anxiety so I would definitely speak to her about your concerns and if she doesn’t like it, then maybe she’s not the right trainer. The fact that you are considering this at all shows that you are NOT a coward!

  3. I can definitely understand your reasoning of “she’s the expert”, it only makes sense that she would know better than you. Except that she’s not in your body and she doesn’t know what’s going on with your muscles.
    On the other hand, injuries happen sometimes, even if you are doing easy runs and not pushing too hard, they can happen.. so maybe your trainer is not the one to blame.
    What’s most important here, is that you are not satisfied with how she’s training you, and it’s up to YOU to decide how you want her to train you. So if you feel you need her to be easier on you, you can demand that, she’s working for you…. and it doesn’t make you a wimp, we can’t work out at 100% every time.

  4. TR says:

    I can understand the doubt that comes with an ‘authority’ person – someone who is more of an expert in a certain subject. I am beginning to realize, like others say, I am my own authority when it comes to my body – physically and emotionally. The feeling of dread before doing something/seeing someone is a signal of something not right, imo. You’ll make the right decision.

    • It’s hard to sometimes pinpoint the dread because I get into fight or flight mode. But you’re right — it’s my body and I know it best. My old trainer always said “listen to your body.” This new one had more “pain is temporary” as her mantra.

  5. It’s a tough one. It’s easy to say your trainer should have known better, but without knowing what they were thinking when formulating the workout it’s hard to tell. Maybe they thought this was the last hard workout before the race and you’d recover, maybe they could see your progression in previous weeks and this was a logical step.
    On the other hand, if they knew you had a marathon on the weekend then maybe the workout should have been toned down to eliminate possibility of injury.
    Either way, it doesn’t really matter now, it’s done and no amount of dwelling on it will change the fact you got an injury but finished your marathon anyway. Big thumbs up for that!
    I think you’re right to have a grown up discussion about it with your trainer. You will always get the best results from your trainer if the communication exists both ways.

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