First Run Back

I’m partway done with my marathon recap. It might take another day. I want to get the full experience down for myself as well. I’m a little sleepy and keep drifting off when I try to concentrate on recapping. I promise to try to make the recap not put y’all to sleep.

I did a recovery run this morning and it went well. The first few miles were leaden, but it got easier the second half. I did 4.5 miles in 40 minutes. My calf is better, but I had my chiropractor work on it today. He also worked on my tight right hip joint, which we suspect contributes to my two left-side injuries. Damn imbalances.

20140304-172604.jpgMy husband gave me this shirt last night after I got home from my flight (we had a few weather-related issues getting home). He bought it at Christmas time but waited until I earned it. It’s one of my favorite style shirts by Skirt Sports. I love the fit and the thumb holes. My husband rocks.


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