Hot Tub Blues


It’s a hard life

My calf feels alright this morning, although it felt pretty good yesterday before I ran on it. I’m lucky to be staying at my mother-in-law’s because she has a spa at her house that I’m currently marinating my calf in. I’ve got the jet blasting right on it. Feels nice. My husband texted with my chiro this morning, and my chiro is a little annoyed with my trainer for pushing me too hard last Tuesday. My husband keeps telling me it’s my workout and I need to take charge of what I need. He’s right, but I’m struggling with doing that. Even though it got me hurt :-/

Later today I’ll go to the expo and pick up my race packet. I may do a 20-30 minute run later, or perhaps just a walk. Last night I put one of those Therma-care patches on my calf, and it stayed toasty all night.

I’m really hoping that if I put aside worrying over time, I can get safely through the distance. It’s the experience that matters in this run, so I’m glad at least this isn’t a goal race outside of practicing.

I’m going to have to get up around 2:30 in the morning to get warmed up and eat, etc., for a 6am start.

I titled the post Hot Tub Blues in part because the race is part of a barbecue and blues festival. Honestly, I feel fortunate to be here with my family and awesome MIL, who made me an appointment for an 80 minute massage tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you to everyone for your advice and well-wishes. I truly appreciate it.


14 thoughts on “Hot Tub Blues

  1. Best of luck tomorrow! I once ran a race on a niggly hip and it was actually a lovely experience (my doctor and physio were both ok about me running it as long as I didn’t do anything stupid). It was almost like being given permission to just doddle the race. I didn’t look at my watch, wasn’t worried about splits, just enjoyed the scenery, waved at the people, encouraged fellow competitors and kept checking in with my hip. I actually learned a lot about enjoying a race that way. I hope it’ll be a similarly positive experience for you! I look forward to hearing about how you get on!

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