That sort of sucked

20140228-123422.jpgI ran the slowest 5 miles I’ve run in ages. I almost quit at half a mile because my calf was seriously protesting. But I walked a bit then practiced my Chi Running form and it got better. But I had to keep my pace slow because it felt pulled tight at faster paces. My average was in the high 10 minute miles. Ugh.

The good news is that it loosened up for the last mile. I even managed a tenth of a mile at my usual pace of 8:33. I wasn’t trying to go faster, but rather was listening to my body and how safe it felt to go.

It was also warm. 75 degrees in the shade. I ran at around 10am, which will be the tail end of the marathon if I’m able to get that far, so it was good practice with the temperature. Hopefully we’ll have some wind. Honestly, though, running at paces over 10 minute miles doesn’t really make me get all that sweaty. I suspect sunburn is going to be a bigger risk.

I’m back to icing. I think if I keep rolling and stretching the calf, I will be ok. But I’m pretty sure that revised 4:00-4:15 marathon goal time ain’t happening. It’s ok. I’m just hoping to finish without breaking myself.

My son at the pool at my MIL’s20140228-123436.jpg


11 thoughts on “That sort of sucked

  1. Take care of you. Wasn’t the original goal to simply use this as a test run? So, you’ll get a feel for the distance, if not the time you want to make it in.

  2. I’m glad it finally loosened up at the end, but I’m sorry you’re still having trouble. That first mile has been the toughest for me lately too. Fingers crossed that you’ll feel great during your marathon!!

  3. That ‘like’ is meant to be a ‘dislike’ but there’s no button for that – it sucks that you’re injured just before your race and I’m really sorry to hear it. MaybeMarathoner’s advice the other day was good. Heat before treating will increase blood flow and loosen the muscle before working it. I’d find someone to tape up your half using kinesiology tape as well. Don’t use athletic tape or zinc oxide tape as it doesn’t have any stretch.
    You could try this. I tape like this to help my calf for football mainly, but also for running.
    I’d also recommend calf guards for the race if you haven’t got them already. They will keep your calf muscles warmer, and under compression. The compression might help you with minimising damage to the affected area and keep you running. I use the 2XU ones but there are several types. Hope it clears up enough before your race. All the best!

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