Injury Watch


I should’ve known better than to let my trainer work me too hard doing plyometrics yesterday.

My left calf felt a little weird after my 16.5 miles on Sunday, but it was more tight than anything. I took a scheduled Monday off. Tuesday was personal training. I was stupid and didn’t tell her to tone down the workout. What is wrong with me? There is nothing badass about stupid.

I had a “cruise interval” running workout today, and my legs were not feeling it. It’s not an easy workout and my legs were tired from yesterday. Then at around mile six, my calf started feeling funky. At mile 7.92, something made a “ping” sensation, and I freaked out and stopped the workout. That .08 of a mile unfinished is haunting me.

I was limping after. I immediately foam rolled then iced, showered, then went to my chiropractor who told me it was not the wisest move to do plyometrics the week before a marathon. I’m not sure what my trainer was thinking, although I do have a little worry when she told me to “leave it all on the race course” (even though this is a training run) and that she’s never run a marathon when she didn’t end up in the medical tent.


My chiropractor thinks the best thing I could do for my calf was getting immediate treatment (yes, I know he sends me the bill, but he’s helped me with one injury and my hip tightness, so I trust his skills). I have instructions to foam roll, ice, stretch it out and try running on it on Friday. From what he felt, there was a knot, but it didn’t feel too bad. It loosened with treatment. Based on my range of motion, he thinks I’m going to be ok for the race. He said he’d be more worried if I’d had chronic problems that had gotten worse, but this was new. He told me to not be too alarmed if it swells some overnight.

It does feel better right now. But I’m concerned. I get on a plane tomorrow afternoon. No running tomorrow. I really hope this was just a slight strain and not anything serious. Meanwhile, I’ve packed my athletic tape.


16 thoughts on “Injury Watch

  1. I have had a calf strain – and it is definitely not fun to deal with. But…I was able to run thru it. Heat it before you work on the knot – use moist heat (a damp wash cloth warmed up in microwave works well). The heat makes the knot more pliable. I used a golf ball on my knot to break it down. And kept stretching it before and after I run. Not going to lie – it bothered me for several weeks. But it didn’t stop my training.
    Best of luck this weekend – you will be fine! Just take care of your calf before and after the race.

  2. That .08 mile may have saved your marathon. It is a great runner who knows when to stop and prevent further injury. I wish I had that knowledge. I wouldn’t be dealing with some of my own ongoing issues. BTW, I wasn’t able to run a week before my marathon due to my foot and it didn’t hurt me too much I don’t think. That base really helped a lot.

    • That’s what I’m hoping. I don’t think I’ll lose any fitness missing today’s run. And you’re right that despite it bugging me, that .08 was not worth tossing all my work out the window.

  3. Ok, so I’m slow and have only run one marathon…BUT here goes. I ended up with pretty severe adhesions (huge knots of scar tissue in my quad) and had to drastically cut back on my running the two weeks prior to my marathon. Didn’t matter…your base is plenty. I rolled, iced, stretched, etc. leading up to the race AND I put on a thermal heat pack about two hours before the race (I literally ripped it off two minutes before the race.) It really helped loosen up the muscle and get it ready for running. Hope this helps! I know you will have a great race!

    • Cool! Well, not cool that you were hurt, but I’m glad to hear what worked for you. I like the whole warm heat thing (less enamored of ice packs). Think it’s good that I’m a little paranoid about injuries so that I take care of myself. I hope you’re right 🙂 thank you! (PS, you so aren’t slow. And running a marathon at any speed is no joke.)

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