A Look Back: One Year

Today Greg McMillan of McMillan Running posted this on the Facebook page for their athletes (*giggle* — I still get a charge out of thinking of myself as one. Like I fooled someone — maybe I’m allowing myself the delusion 😉 ) :

If your goal doesn’t create lasting change in your behavior then it’s just a wish.

Exactly one year ago today, I did this workout on my treadmill from the 5k Runner app for iPhone:


I remember struggling with the running segments. That’s six whole minutes of running total, broken up into one minute increments. At the time I didn’t have my Garmin watch with footpod to record my workout, but I’m pretty sure my “running” was between a 4 & 5 mile per hour speed, translating to between a 15 to 12 minute mile. And, man, were my calves sore. For days.

Yesterday, the last 10k of my 20 mile run was at an 8:45 per mile average pace. I was a tiny bit stiff this morning, but I had a good night’s sleep and feel good today.

I think my goals have changed me. Just a little bit.


6 thoughts on “A Look Back: One Year

  1. That’s fantastic – well done on coming such a long way! It’s lovely to look back and see how far you’ve come. I find it’s really important to do this too, as sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment, too preoccupied with the next goal, and to momentarily forget all that has come before. Incidentally, I am a McMillan deciple too – I think he’s all-round one of the best coaches in the world.

    • Do you have him as a coach too? I’m with Emily Harrison. I’ve been with her since late November, and I feel so much stronger and healthier since starting the program she set up for me.

      It’s true, reminding myself of how far I’ve come is a good thing especially when I’m so hard on myself in so many ways.

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