Effing Winter

20140206-002212.jpgI am sick to death of this weather. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t signed up for this running group. I feel compelled to go on the group runs despite that I’d much rather do the workout indoors than have to wake up with another sore throat from the raw temperatures. Plus I’m not a fan of bundling up like a neon sausage.

Cars don’t like us on the road much either. We’ve had close calls and lots of honking and fist shaking every time. The sidewalks are too icy and there is slush and crap in the shoulders, so we are kind of in the middle of the road. Running tense isn’t my favorite. I like the idea of being a hood ornament even less.

Toughening me up, my ass. It’s just making me cranky. The head coach thinks this will pay back in improved performance and that we will thank him. To that, I say, pahtooey.

/end of rant



15 thoughts on “Effing Winter

  1. Look, this is a SAFETY ISSUE, OK? I live on a back road that’s barely driveable in a 4WD. Runners don’t hear *or* see vehicles coming up behind them and there’s no place for a vehicle to go in terms of getting around you. There may not be any stopping to avoid turning runners into roadkill: It happens every winter.
    Please, for everyone’s safety, get off the road. Thanks.

    • I agree! It’s this head coach who seems to think it means we’re tough if we put ourselves in these situations.

      I think I’m going to treadmill it today and skip the night running session. If he thinks that makes me a wimp, so be it.

      • And what kind of “coach” places the safety and well-being of their athletes in danger? I live in an Olympic Training area with world class facilities and world class athletes. I’m very certain if there were *any* benefit to playing in traffic in winter, these people-who get paid to be athletes-would be doing exactly that and they’re not. If Olympic level athletes trained by the best in the world bring it indoors for the winter, it appears your “coach” is an incompetent, ignorant jerk.
        There. I said it because you can’t-yet. You weren’t impressed with this “coach” from the get and you’re paying for their services. If the person “training” you doesn’t consider your health and safety as their first priority they’re not a “coach” or a “trainer:” They’re an injury or death waiting to happen.
        I’d be telling this “coach” to take his Aspiring Roadkill Running Program and stuff it as well as asking for a refund-but you’re too polite to do so.

        • Excellent points. I battle myself with common sense and fear that I’m not doing enough you know? I worry I am trying to justify my choice of staying indoors when I think my common sense says that I’m doing the right thing.

          I didn’t pay a ton for this coach. I still have my mcmillan coach, who hadn’t said “boo” about the percentage of training I’ve done indoors.

  2. Take care of you! God blessed you with a great deal of common sense. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the common sense God gave them. Spring is coming.

    • Thank you. I have to remind myself it’s common sense. It’s not as if I am shirking on my workout. A part of me wants to be the “good girl” and do what the head coach wants. But as I’ve discovered, he’s not necessarily the right person to look towards for good choices.

  3. I love your pics, too funny, and I completely share the ‘effing winter’ sentiments. Enough ice and snow already! I am not a winter wuss, but enough is enough. Sounds like you already know what to do, keep safe (and warm when you can).

  4. I just wrote the other day about feeling like Randy during these winter runs! I hate it! There’s no way to hop up on the sidewalk, so I’m a deer in the headlights for cars, every step is flirting with injury if I slip, etc.–as much as I hate the dreadmill, I’m doing this afternoon’s temp run on it. Safety first! πŸ˜‰

  5. TR says:

    LOL, love the pics; “Running tense isn’t my favorite.” – walking tense isn’t my favorite πŸ˜‰ – I feel like that walking in snow and crap. Enjoy the indoors. xx

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