Picture of my ass

I’m nearly at the end of week three of my marathon training group. We had our third speed workout today and it went better than last week, mostly because I didn’t go for all-out effort and went for moderately hard instead. I did a tough 9 miles on my own yesterday: 30 minute warm up, then 8 x 2 minute fartleks on rolling hills with 1 minute recovery jogs between, then a couple mile cool down. So, I didn’t want to snap a hamstring tonight, despite the head coach being fairly annoying with his version of “motivational yelling.”

I’m not sure about this coach for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that our last three speed workouts have been essentially the same, and, in my beginner but studious opinion, too lengthy hill intervals at too high intensity especially at this stage of marathon/half marathon training. He claims there will be big dividend payoffs for toughing through these — but his own race record courtesy Athlinks doesn’t exactly inspire me. There a few other things that trouble me about him that I’m not going to go into here.

However, the group’s assistant coach seems cool and supportive (and is considerably faster than the head coach), and I’ve had brief chats with fellow runners that have been pleasant. I’m just not sure this group thing is for me. I’m going to give it more time, but when I found myself dreading the last two sessions instead of being excited to run, I figured my gut may be trying to tell me something.

I do feel like someone is going to get injured from the head coach’s workouts. And I really don’t want it to be me.

Still, I know my propensity is to be a loner, and so I want to be sure that I at least try to bring my best attitude to our sessions and not let it bias my view of the head coach beyond what he is actually doing as coach. It’s not fair to him or me to bring my lone wolfiness to a group setting. I joined a group in part to not do all my runs solo. I need to give it a fair shake and be able to separate out what’s my usual desire to work alone and what benefits I can get out of being coached in a group. I need to give this a solid shot. Plus I feel mean/know-it-ally judging the coach, especially since I’ve only been running 11 months.

I also need to listen to my body and instincts should they say this group training is not the right thing to get me healthy and strong to my marathon.

My right leg’s high hamstring isn’t too thrilled with the cold weather and all of the hills at high speeds, so I spent the latter part of this evening foam rolling. I did not enjoy it.

I promised a picture of my ass, so here it is being foam rolled:



18 thoughts on “Picture of my ass

    • You know, I rather love the British way of saying arse, but I’m afraid even more people would think I’m one if I commandeered it as an American chick. I already use “bloody hell” as if I were born saying it — except without the accent so I’m sure I sound ridiculous.


  1. My upper left hamstring is giving me fits too…and I’m tired of spending so much of my day giving my foam roller all my attention! Good luck on your situation…I’m a judger and a lone wolf too, so I would probably feel the same.

  2. Since I’m deep in writing (deadline today), but I had to read your blog, all I could think was “You are definite a self-publish type not a traditional publisher type.” Nothing wrong with that. It’s your style, and it works for you. From what I can tell, it works REALLY well for you. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. 😉 Keep listening to yourself.

  3. First of all….NICE ASS!:) Perhaps you should look into getting running buddies instead of group training. It seems to me that you are completely aware of how to train yourself, but you need company! Is It possible to put yourself in the personal ads? SEEKING runners of your speed, who wont tell you what to do, but will just socialize while running? 🙂 By the way…I think youre awesome!!

  4. TR says:

    LOL, to your comment to Judy. Yes, exactly, if you wanted to be yelled at, there are other options. When I get yelled at during something I enjoy it really can suck the fun out of it. And I understand that dilemma of being open to new things, groups, etc and the balance of listening to one’s intuition. Never easy. I hope it gets better and your hamstring. xx

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