Change is the first step towards something better.

I’m ok with change when it’s something I instigate. I often get excited about trying something new. But when I’m happy with how things are going, like anyone, I hate it when change is out of my control. I’m not that much of a “que sera, sera” gal when change interferes with my plans. Even though I tend to recoup alright, emotionally I don’t recover so well.

January sent some unexpected blows to my marathon training.

Early in the month I found out that one of my favorite yoga teachers would be leaving the Y so he could travel the world for a year.

Last week I discovered that the head coach of my marathon running group isn’t really the kind of person I want coaching me.

Then yesterday my personal trainer notified me that she’s taken a full-time job outside the fitness industry and won’t be training clients any more.

The last hurts the most. I really like her and looked forward to working with her each week. She not only felt like a critical part of my “fitness team”, but she has become a friend. I’m happy for her, of course, but very sad for me.

She already hooked me up with another personal trainer at the Y, and I won’t even miss a session. The new trainer has more distance running experience — she even qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2008. She a few years younger than I am, but close enough in age that I think she’ll understand the over-40 female runner concerns. Like my previous trainer, she’ll help me with strength work to support and balance my running.

We’ve had a few email exchanges to kind of get to know each other, and one suggestion she had was to find a mantra to get me to the finish line.

I have the Chinese character for “strength” tattoo’d on my right wrist so that I can glance at it when things get tough. But it’s not exactly a mantra. One I’ve been thinking of for awhile is:

I can. I will. I am.

For whatever reason, that last “I am” makes me smile.

20140201-202158.jpgI found these pace bracelets by Races2Remember that allow you to print your own mantra on them. I’m going to test out using them at the Treasure Coast Marathon in four weeks. Regular blog readers might remember that I’m run/walking that race as a long training run. My biggest concerns for that race are 1) finishing uninjured, and 2) not going too fast because I need to be able to jump back into training a few days afterwards.

The mantra I put on my pace bracelets for this race is:

Take it easy & have fun

When things expectedly change and throw you down the river rapids, the right words can be a rock to hang onto. I’m glad to have a couple mantras to remind me of my goals. I’m glad that I’ve already got a new trainer, that I’ve been able to be proactive despite changes that have made me feel uncomfortable or sad.

I’m still sorting out how to get what I need out of my Fleet Feet running group. Part of it will require me to shut out the head coach and focus on what is appropriate for my body to get me to the start line injury-free. I’ve already let my new personal trainer know about my high hamstring tightness so that we can address it.

As for as the yoga situation, the new guy started today, and I liked his class a lot. I think I’m going to learn a ton from him. It will be a tough class, but in a fun way. In fact, one of his mantras today was:

The best yogini is the one having the most fun.

That’s one that I can get behind.



4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. Change isn’t easy when we aren’t the ones instigating it. You were ready for a change, if your blog’s anything to go by, and once you settle in your heart it’s a good thing you’ll make it work for you.

  2. TR says:

    So true, change that I can’t control is a whammy for me 2. I like the mantra to re-anchor oneself. That is helpful during uncomfortable times. xx

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