Song Lyric Snafus


Totally off my usual topics, but anyone else roll their eyes when people incorrectly appropriate a song as either “their song” or a catchphrase?

For example, one wedding I went to had the bride going down the aisle to Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”. Was she deaf to the ending verses? Or maybe she thought it was romantic for her groom to pass out drunk at the end of the day.

Not surprisingly, that marriage didn’t last.

One that comes up often is the phrase “like a boss” made popular by the song Like a Boss by The Lonely Island. People use it to denote strength and control. Um… have you paid attention to the lyrics? A sampling:

Chop my balls off (like a boss)
Black out in the sewer (like a boss)
Meet a giant fish (like a boss)
Fuck his brains out (like a boss)
Turn into a jet (like a boss)
Bomb the Russians (like a boss)
Crash into the Sun (like a boss)
Now I’m dead (like a boss)

You can check out this website if you want to read more about the origin of the phrase.

Incidentally, the video featuring Adam Sandberg and Seth Rogan is hilarious.

I’m the boss of nothing.


6 thoughts on “Song Lyric Snafus

  1. Nope. I did not know the origin of that phrase. Then again, I’ve never used it. However, thank you for clarifying. I won’t be using it now. Good to have friends who know stuff.

  2. Nice! My mom had desperado play at her third wedding….I thought it was an interesting choice, but they are still going strong some 15 years later! 🙂

  3. Gladys says:

    What I hate is when the SINGER sings stupid lyrics and doesn’t even know it. For example, Jason Mraz sings a song called ‘I’m Yours’ and in the freaking middle of it he sings “cause it’s our god forsaken right to be loved” – GOD. FORSAKEN. Wouldn’t the phrase he’s looking for be “God GIVEN”? grrr.

    There’s a few like that – it’s like the singers don’t even read the lyrics before parroting them out.

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