Don’t-Have-Time-for-Core-Work Workout

I had a nice tempo run on the treadmill today — 6.2 miles with a 5 mile tempo segment at an 8:06/mile pace. It made me feel less horrible about my workout “fail” yesterday. If only I were as good at being kinder to myself as I am at beating myself up.

I’m working at learning from what I did incorrectly yesterday so I can nail the same workout in the future. Failure is not always a bad thing. If I keep saying that, I hope I’ll start feeling it. I certainly would like to feel less anxious about my next group workout on Sunday. It’s a long run day, which I missed last week due to being in Florida. Rationally, I know it’ll be fine. Emotionally, I feel like when we moved from Connecticut to North Carolina between freshman and sophomore year in high school.

My personal trainer (not to be confused with my group running coaches) sent out a quick, daily routine for all her clients. I like its simplicity. This is meant to be done in addition to whatever the workout is for the day, although on a day off, it’s the only workout to do. (Day off? What’s that?) I wanted to share it here because it’s something almost everyone can quickly do, or modify the number of reps until you can do the whole set as written. No excuses!

For the record, I hate squat thrusts. Handstands are the only thing I like less. If you can call the ridiculous sproinging thing I do with my legs while pretending my arms can hold me up a handstand. I’m a Life Alert commercial waiting to happen.



8 thoughts on “Don’t-Have-Time-for-Core-Work Workout

  1. Some of those I can do, but do I have to? *whine* Wow. I suddenly feel like I’m in PE in elementary school. Fine. I’ll adapt what I’m not allowed to do. My physical therapist gave me some variations on these. I’ll do them. πŸ˜› Of course, I was never allowed to stick my tongue out, unless I wanted to be smacked… and told how unattractive I was… Wow! I’d forgotten that. Funny how stuff comes out of nowhere. Okay, doing some core work today. It will make me feel better. I know. Thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚

    • You’re allowed to stick your tongue out at me and I won’t smack you. I might giggle though.

      I guess I should’ve mentioned more about how to modify the exercises, like your knees can be down on the floor for the plank and push ups if you can’t do them. It’s still a great exercise when done that way. Good for you for picking up the challenge!

    • My trainer has me doing resistance work too. All of it builds a better runner in addition to just being good for me. I saw some really interesting MRIs of 75 year old triathletes showing terrific muscle density did to working out. It’s one of this “use it or lose it” things. The human body is really remarkable when we tags care of it.

  2. Doug Hart says:

    Be sure and be mindful of moderation. It does you no good to bust your ass so intensely that you start blowing off work outs.

  3. Whats the difference between squats and squat thrusts? Its all a bunch of bending at the knee that often renders you immobile for the next few days…..right???

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