The Stupid Thing I Did Today

Today was my marathon training group. I wasn’t sure if I was going to run because it was cold (predicted 6 degrees but it ended up more like 12), so I ran on the treadmill on my own this morning.

Bad idea.

The head coach planned intervals tonight. With hills. And then they put me in the fast group with two other guys.

I kept up the first round but died the last one. My right hamstring started tightening up. I had to stop to stretch. We were trying out Adidas shoes, and I think that also had something to do with my leg issue. Plus I got a bloody toe from them. (I’m whining, I know.)

I’m soooooo annoyed with myself for not being able to keep up. And I’m afraid to tell my coaches I did a dumb thing and ran 6.5 miles before our speed session. I ended up with over 11 miles running today. More than scheduled by a lot. And I’m worried they’ll think I’m not good enough to stay in the fast group.

Note to self: be less stupid.


14 thoughts on “The Stupid Thing I Did Today

  1. Note to self: Push self but not so fast! You tested a limit and discovered the wall was closer than you hoped. You knew what to do to self-correct and did. You won’t make the same mistake again. Live and learn. Go you!

  2. Be honest with them. Otherwise they might move you to a group that you don’t pace with. Also, I used to try out running shoes when reps brought them to our runs, but now I do not! I don’t want to risk an injury trying out something I’m not used to!

  3. You have nothing to be annoyed with yourself, you couldn’t keep up because you had already run that day.. (I know you already know that) πŸ™‚ Take care of your body, especially your legs, don’t go beyond the effort you are supposed to.

    • Your right. I was making a rookie mistake. I still haven’t quite figured out the line of when I’m being a wimp and when I’m pushing too hard and risk doing my training wrong. For various reasons, I assume I’m being a wimp even though the vast majority of the time I’m not. I have to change negative the tape in my head. Work in progress…

    • I hope you’re right about gaining wisdom. I’d rather do that than continue to be dumb.

      I’m trying to look at it as me seeing my limitations and determining a strategy to improve them. Like my husband told me, today is another day to train and try again.

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