New 10K PR & Age Group Win


It was perfect racing weather this morning in Florida. I think most of the locals thought it was cold (there were lots of sweatshirts, hats and gloves), but at about 52 degrees, I was thrilled. My last several runs outdoors have been in below freezing temps.

20140118-114145.jpgAlthough I didn’t hit my stretch goal of a sub-50 minute 10k, I killed my previous PR by over 2 minutes for a finish time of 51:05.

I also placed first in my age group, ninth female and 26th overall.

My husband finished a few minutes behind me and was counting women at the turnaround. He counted 5 ahead of me, so we’re not sure where the other 3 came from. I passed one woman after mile six, and she was pretty rude to me, telling me not to get in front of her and to stay to the side in a bitchy tone. I try to be a conscientious runner, and I was not going to cut her off, especially as the field was fairly clear at that point in the race. Her attitude made me decide there was no way I was going to let her pass me in the final stretch. I beat her by a good 10 seconds. I’m proud of myself for not snarling at her.

Apparently I’ve gotten over my hesitancy with passing people.

20140118-114630.jpgI’ve been kind of fascinated by race cheating stories. Just google “running race cheaters” and the stories are shocking. Not that I’m accusing anyone in this race of it, but there were several places in this race that it would be very easy for people to jump into the race without running the full course. The only timing mats were at the start and finish, as well as only one photographer that I saw around mile one. Because the course shared the first mile before the 10k runners split off until rejoining the 5k course around our mile 5, someone could have started the race by pretending to be a 5k walker, waited for the 10k front runners, then run the remaining couple miles, thereby cutting out 4 miles of running. Or more.

I don’t understand the cheater mentality, although there have been times when shortcuts crossed my mind — more because I was tired than anything else. One race I ran in Brooklyn had a woman winning a different age group than mine with what I thought were suspect splits. A quick search showed her previous race times as consistent with her slower early miles and nothing close to her seemingly amazing second half. I didn’t report it, but it looks like someone did because her name is not listed as number one anymore.

(I’m not sure why I noticed this woman in particular, although I was looking at the various age category winners to see how they paced themselves. Or I’m super nosy. I don’t make a habit of looking for wrongdoing people. I was a data analyst in another life, so that habit is still with me, I guess.)

Anyone else see issues with race cheaters? Just curious. I suppose as running becomes more popular, it’s going to bring more types of people into the fray. I just know a false win is hollow.

At any rate, I’m super pleased with my performance, especially since my quads and glutes are still sore from Wednesday and Thursday’s workouts. I ran very consistent splits, which was one of my goals. I think I’m starting to get a handle on pacing, which really will be key to a good marathon.20140118-115629.jpg
I’m the shorty in this picture.


26 thoughts on “New 10K PR & Age Group Win

  1. Good for you! Cheaters are cheaters. I’m still corresponding with this pirating site, and they can’t understand why I’m unhappy they’re giving away my books for free and linking to other pirating sites. *pfft* Then I remember the university ethics teacher who wanted to cry because she flunked a student for cheating on the final, and the student didn’t understand why.

    • I can’t believe the pirate site is giving you a hard time! Oh wait, I can. I’m so sorry they’re treating you that way.

      I loved my law ethics class for journalism. I always remind myself that I want to be able to live with myself, and cheating does not fit into being able to do that.

    • Exactly. I think cheaters brains work differently or something. I read a story in Marathon & Beyond this weekend that talked about a couple who cheated in the 1997 Boston Marathon. So each of them knew what the other was doing and probably planning it together. So weird.

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  2. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Congrats on your good race! I can’t say that I have ever witnessed or suspected anyone of cheating during a race. I get super nervous when even a volunteer is at a turn, making sure that I don’t cut a corner short or something, which is pretty ridiculous, like they even care! I don’t understand why people would even consider cheating, especially at small races where all you are getting is a medal (maybe you do different ones than myself, but most of mine don’t even have a small cash prize). In the end, running is supposed to be against yourself, and for yourself. So who are these people really hurting? You also had much restraint in not telling off that woman! I would not have! I am normally not like that, but when I am tired I get snippy. I am not proud of this, but I snipped at some girl once who ran into me at the end of a race, and she ended up apologizing to me and we talked for a bit and laughed about it.

    • I get the same about worrying about cutting corners at turns! Lol.

      Most of the races I do don’t have cash prizes. The mug in this one was a bonus. I had one race I surprisingly came in 3rd in my age group ( it was only my 2nd race and I think only 6 people showed in my age group. My time was nothing special) and I got a generic ribbon. Hardly worth cheating over. The reward, like you said, is doing your best and how that feels inside.

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