Marathon Group Training Session #1 & How My 10k PR Hopes Went Down the Tubes


First the good news: I had fun with my marathon training group at our first speed session tonight. I was excited but apprehensive about running with others, but I did well today. It was hard, but definitely not the hardest workout I’ve ever done.

We did hill repeats, which probably would’ve been easier if I hadn’t done this terrifically fun, but muscle-taxing, boxer’s workout yesterday with my personal trainer. Boxers really need to be fit to withstand their sport. We did tons of lunges, high-knees, butt-kicks, sashays, grapevines, squats and running up and down stairs — in addition to our upper body and core exercises.

Shocking, then, that I came to today’s running workout already sore. I took a yoga class this morning to stretch things out, but stretching alleviates only so much. Plus those warrior poses are quad burners.

My race on Saturday morning was something I just signed up for because I was traveling and going to run anyway, so why not race while somewhere warm? My speedwork has been strong lately, and I’ve been itching to test it in an official event. I think I’ll do just fine. But after the last two days, add in Friday riding in cars and airplanes… I’m not likely to be in top form come race time.

As such, I’m downgrading my 10k race strategy from a sub-50 minute attempt to: try not to keel over. Yep. Aiming high.


9 thoughts on “Marathon Group Training Session #1 & How My 10k PR Hopes Went Down the Tubes

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you are listening to your body and are adjusting your race goals accordingly. It’s really not a good idea to aim for a PB in every race. Just go and have fun. Incidentally, when I’m training for a marathon I find that there’s a sweet spot for running PBs in shorter races after about 5-6 weeks of a typical 16 week schedule, if it includes plenty of early speedwork. However, after that, I find that my legs feel the high mileage too much to be capable of top speed. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever participate in races during the latter states of marathon training, it just means that I doddle them rather than race them – it’s a very enjoyable experience, actually. Have fun!

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