That was NOT a “miscommunication”


The crew would’ve done better picking another card from this deck

Don’t you hate it when people don’t take responsibility for their screw ups?

We have a cleaning service come every other week. They haven’t been doing the greatest job, what with our floors never being clean right after service, but it’s difficult to get good cleaning people (lord knows why in this economy), so I haven’t switched providers… yet.

Both my husband and I work from home and our delinquent 19-year-old is still at home. Both my husband and I try to be out of the house (and the way) when the cleaning crew comes. I was already out at the gym and my husband headed out just as the cleaning people arrived. He saw them on the front porch as he pulled out of the driveway. We leave the door unlocked for them, and today our son was home.

After my workout, I see I have a message on my phone. It’s the woman who runs the local franchise saying that the crew “was turned away by a gentleman at the front door” (what? I have a butler now?) and asked, “is everything ok?”

So, I text both my husband and son, asking if they turned away the cleaning team, thinking that the voicemail made no sense. My husband told me what I wrote above, that he’d not spoken to them and just saw them on the porch as he drove down the driveway. My son said no one rang the doorbell.

20140115-182238.jpgWhat goes through my head is that of the two parties, the one with the most reason to make up an excuse is the cleaning crew who does not have to work but still get paid if it appears to be our fault that they could not clean.

The franchise owner called me again when I was in my car, and I told her what I’d heard from my husband and son and said I believed them. The owner put me on the phone with some supervisor (not the team leader who showed up at the house, but apparently someone my husband spoke to on the phone when he came home and saw the house uncleaned) who informed me my husband used curse words in talking to her and that there must have been a “miscommunication.”

Don’t insult my ever-fucking intelligence.

The cleaning people call the day before to let us know when they are coming. We expect them to clean. Why the hell would we turn them away? This makes no sense.

I’d be willing to bet the cleaning crew was going to claim that they couldn’t get into the house if my husband hadn’t caught them on the front porch. From what the supervisor was saying on the phone to me, it sounded like the crew tried to make it seem like they went to the wrong house at first. Or some other nonsense. I’m thinking when they were caught seen on our porch they tried to change their tune a little. But concocting the story of my husband turning them away? Are you serious?

But instead of apologizing, we get told by management that it was a “miscommunication.” You see, because then it sticks some of the blame on us. I’m sorry. I do not accept the blame in this. We are the paying customer. We wanted service and service was not provided. Maybe instead of making up bullshit, they could have told us they would talk to the crew. Apologize. Those would’ve gone much further than their lame “miscommunication.” According to my family, there was NO communication, just a sighting of the crew on our doorstep.

I’m looking for a new cleaning service.

(Yes, first world problems.)

21 thoughts on “That was NOT a “miscommunication”

  1. says:

    Yes, first world problems, but as I am reading this, I am watching the news about the cheating on the nuclear crews. And that’s where it becomes a bigger problem. Integrity. Honesty. Maybe society has always been like this, but it seems more and more that it’s always a game of gas lighting, lying, and then blaming “miscommunications” or some other such nonsense. Always someone else’s fault.

    Good luck finding another crew.

  2. “Customer Service” across the board is essentially non-existant.
    Outright Lying as Excuse has become de rigor.
    Good luck finding some new folks. I refuse to use a “Service” for the reasons you’ve mentioned and have had the same housekeeper for years. Yes, sometimes she drives me nuts but I’m sure the feeling is mutual. She’s truly a gift in my life.

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Haha. Yes first world problems but that is ridiculous and infuriating. I guess they don’t want your money that badly!

  4. I wish this wasn’t such a prevalent issue. It seems like nearly EVERYONE is shirking responsibility for something, and blaming it on a miscommunication is infuriating. Makes me want to scream. And the crazy thing is that they just keep going with it, rather than fess up. They just keep claiming that they were not to blame, and your example here is perfect.

    Dudes, you got caught. Fess up. You’ve already lost your customer. But fess up anyway and don’t do it again.

    For the love!

    • The thing that really gets me is that I am so well trained to take responsibility for things that aren’t my fault, especially when I think it will keep the peace. Obviously I am bucking this “gift” of my NM

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  5. colliebrookcrossing says:

    I go into strangers’ houses every day and take care of their dogs. Usually no one is home. If by chance someone is home I don’t just assume I’m not needed and leave. I still go inside (knocking first, if no answer I let myself in and call out) and do my job. Sometimes the person that’s home is sick, or busy and they still need me, sometimes they say “I forgot to let you know I was home sick… I’ll take care of the dog and still pay you.” But I never make excuses not to do my job. What is wrong with people? Especially since they confirmed with you the day before!

    • That’s how is be too. I’d’ve paranoid that there was a miscommunication, and I’d do whatever I could to be sure I did whatever the job required to make the customer happy.

      I’m so glad to hear you are conscientious and I hope your customers are good to you.

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  6. Anniemouse says:

    Having this problem now with my small (about 30 people) company; the owner hired some connection of his to be the HR person. She cancelled our health insurance the last day of December…and hasn’t gotten around to arranging a new policy for us. WE HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE. Anyone in the company who’s expressed concern over this has been roundly abused by the company owner. It’s all the fault of the employees (and the president) that our HR person is an idiot. It can’t possibly be the fault of the stupid HR idiot.

  7. That is an outrage! I would be livid! Are they making you pay It still? Geeeesh! I would clean it for you for a reasonable deal! 🙂 Hey, do you have a Facebook page? I was trying to find you, but its not under pandora! 😉

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