Heavy Mettle

20140114-233220.jpgTwo of the 20 races I participated in last year were Rock n Roll events. One of their perks is special medals for multiple event finishes. As a guitar player, the Rock Encore medal really appealed to me, and it finally arrived in the mail today.

As soon as I saw the design, with all its sparkly bling, I knew exactly what to do with this medal: donate it to Medals for Mettle. It’s a charity that gives the medals to kids and adults suffering from serious illnesses. Even though I’ll never know who got my medal, I am so freaking excited to be sending it on. I’ll probably send the charity more of my medals (they only take medals for distances of a half marathon or greater or from triathlons) as I don’t really have a strong need to keep them. Except my Philly half, which was my goal race for 20 years. I’m undecided about the Disney Wine & Dine because I’m not sure of the appropriateness for kids, what with the wine. Or even very ill grown ups who probably aren’t wining and dining much. Thoughts?

Taking a day off from running turned out to be a great idea. I nailed my tempo workout today and felt positively sprightly doing it. I also tested out a new fuel for my run, Generation UCAN. I think I’m a convert. My husband uses it for his swims, including his 10.5 hour English Channel swim. I had no stomach issues and had tons of energy throughout the workout. I’m hoping to incorporate UCAN into my marathon training. Fueling really messed me up my last half marathon, and I’d prefer not to run feeling like I want to puke for 2/3rds of a race. Call me crazy.


I’ve managed to not strangle my son since he’s been home. I’m quite proud of myself. I think I deserve a medal. He still seems to be floating around with a half-assed plan. But I’m pretty sure he’s clean, so there is that. For now.


7 thoughts on “Heavy Mettle

  1. TartanJogger says:

    I’d say yes to the medal: ok, so it mentions wine, but it’s a Disney medal, and I reckon that would be more important to the recipient.

  2. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    I love the guitar medal. I have little guitars like that for my Christmas tree. How sweet of you to donate it. Glad you are hanging in there with your son!

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