A Reluctant Day Off


I haven’t taken a day off from running since before Christmas. I have done a few light/easy days, but I haven’t wanted to take a day off. And even the days I didn’t run in December, two of the three days I worked with my personal trainer and took yoga. Hardly “resting”.


Sunday’s workout

I ran 10.5 miles yesterday, with the last 15 minutes at a fast-finish pace. It all felt fine, but my foot, the one that was injured in August, felt a little tight. I had planned running today, but I had a chiropractor appointment, and then I talked myself into a break. I have two speed workouts this week, a tempo run tomorrow and a run with my Fleet Feet marathon training group on Thursday. On Saturday I’m running a 10k and hoping to have a great race. I may take Friday off too, as a travel day to Florida, but I’m having a hard time with the idea.

It feels weird to not run today. I’m not good at days off. I worry that one day off will turn into many. Which is silly because I’ve been working out consistently for over a year now. My willpower will not dry up overnight, especially since I have a schedule to keep. And my first marathon is about 6 weeks away. I’m committed. I’ve got goals to meet.

Staying healthy is a priority, and days off are crucial to this. If only I could stop feeling like a lazy slug for taking a rest day.


13 thoughts on “A Reluctant Day Off

  1. I’m awful with taking rest days. Usually I equate “rest” with not running. I.E., I cross train on rest days. So I get the mentality. But DO pay attention to what your body is telling you. As much as I hate taking a day off, if my legs feel heavy or I feel a twinge, I will rest. I much rather be pissy for a day than on the injury shelf for weeks.
    Good luck with your race!

  2. Having a rest day is beneficial. Maybe just go for a walk and that will help you. Your body needs them. You want to be at your best for your marathon so taking the time now so you don’t burn out and get injured is the best.
    And you will go back to running. Running is like air for those who do it. We need it and can’t do without it but having one or two day break is ok because we have back up tanks to get us by.

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