Personal Worst

Thanks to Piratebobcat for the term.

I had me one of those today, but it was totally on purpose. I paced my swimmer friend (she swims… me, more of a doggie paddler) again today for a 4.4 mile race. My husband ran with us, so we all chattered the whole way. I went to one of my harder yoga classes in the morning and had an easy run on my training schedule anyways. It was mid-40s and raining, but it was still a lot of fun.

I don’t know our finish time (official or otherwise) because I completely forgot to turn off my Garmin watch until we’d driven 4 miles away. My guess is that we did roughly 12 minute miles.

So, since this was my only race distance of 4.4 miles, it’s both a personal best and worst.

I highly recommend pacing a running friend. Or a swimming friend who is crosstraining for her major English Channel swim in the fall. Our race-ending sprint while loudly humming the Rocky and Chariots of Fire theme songs (with me doing bounding strides to mimic slo-mo… I’m such a card) was a highlight. A truly wonderful way to spend a wet January Saturday afternoon. *

*no that was not sarcastic.


4 thoughts on “Personal Worst

  1. Yeah! I just volunteered to run a 5k with my good buddy, who has never run the whole way! I am determined to help her meet that goal! Good for you! 🙂

  2. Haha, thanks for the shout out! We’re all so focused on PR’s and PB’s, sometimes a PW can be a good thing. How many people can get both a PR and PW on the same day? Haha!

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