Editorial Pet Peeve


I read a lot of running blogs, and one grammar foul I see repeated in many of these blogs is the incorrect use of the past tense of “run”.

For example:

I never would have ran that far if I’d not had a rabid dog chasing me.

It should be “run”, not “ran”. When using “have” with the irregular verb “to run”, the past participle form (run) should be used.

It drives me a little bonkers. I live a sad, uneventful life to get worked up over this sort of thing.

/end of rant


19 thoughts on “Editorial Pet Peeve

  1. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    Ah, grammar pet peeves. I have a few too (although my spelling can be a nightmare, I think I’m spelling-dyslexic šŸ˜‰ ). My pet peeve is when people address things to “The Smith’s”. What’s with the apostrophe? Drives me crazy and I see it all the time. I’ve seen it twice in writing on TV programs recently. You’d think TV “professional” writers would know better!

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