Starting Off Right

I came close to getting up this morning and running another 5k, this time actually racing it. If I had, I had a solid shot at being first female, judging by previous years’ results. But it was all of 5 degrees this morning and it seemed a little lame to try to take a first place in a race with less competition. Not that I’m competitive, but it would feel a tad hollow.

Or I am just making excuses because my bed felt really comfy.

My marathon training schedule called for a 7 mile repeat workout, similar to the one I did a few weeks back. I did even better this time than the last, and I felt awesome.


I said to my husband today that even if my improvements never show up on the race course, I’m thrilled with my progress as a runner. And it makes me so happy. I’m really, really glad I kept my promise to myself to run the Philly half marathon. I may sign up for it again this year so I can do it uninjured (knock on wood).

I’d like to get back to playing my guitars more this year too. I let that fall by the wayside while training for races, and I kind of suck now. Need to remedy that and rebuild my calluses.

Things are still… not so great regarding my son. He’s visiting with his aunt and grandmother, and some sort of talk about addiction is supposed to happen while he’s there. I’m leaning towards sending him to rehab for awhile, possibly the same one I went to to get sober 8 years ago. I’m just hoping my son will go willingly.

When in Connecticut, I went to an AA meeting with my sister-in-law. It was a nice return after several years away from the rooms of AA, although I still feel I’ve moved on from being a regular in the rooms. I’m glad they are there, but I never really felt meetings were “medicine” for my alcoholism the way some people feel it is for them. It was a place for me to learn about myself and my addiction and to keep me out of my bad headspace as I got used to sobriety. I’m hugely grateful for AA. I’m also glad I got to share a meeting with my SIL, who I am very proud of getting clean from a prescription drug addiction. It’s a sad thing to have addiction in common, but it’s good she knows she’s not alone.


Two of my favorite celebrities

On to a totally random note, Tom Hiddleston was voted e!online’s 2013 celebrity of the year, further proving what impeccable taste I have. Because I know everyone reading this wants to applaud my impeccable taste. Honestly, I don’t know why more people don’t ask me for my opinion and hang on my every utterance. And, no, I did not flood the voting box. I voted twice. Sheesh, I have a life.

I think I want to choose a theme for this year. It is: 20140101-174652.jpg

Kind of my runner’s version of “one day at a time.”


8 thoughts on “Starting Off Right

  1. Doug Hart says:

    Plating guitar is like riding a bicycle you’ll not notice much difference after maybe ten minutes after you pick it back up.

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