Last Run of 2013


Today I paced a friend of mine in a 5k race. It was really weird to be running at a pace slower than my very first race back in April. But it also showed me how far I’ve come in my running ability.

It was a lot of fun to run with someone, although I worried a bunch about pushing the pace too much with her. I’m getting interested in possibly getting certified as a running coach, and it was interesting to see how I might do. At the end we did sprint a little, with me cheering her on. She said she felt like she wanted to throw up a little at the end, but that it was good because it meant she worked hard. I’m very proud of her. Her goal was to not walk during the race, and she didn’t once.

It was a nice (if freezing!) end to 2013. I ran a total of 20 races this year. Happy new year, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Last Run of 2013

  1. Sounds like fun! Now its time for me to get started as well! I signed up for the half in May, and the training series leading up….. Happy New Year!

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