I received an email from my McMillan running coach sorta chastising me for not following her training plan. I’ve kind of been doing a hybrid of her plan and one from Runner’s World. I just felt like the time on my feet in her plan was too low for what I’ve been running.

It’s a sign of rank amateur on my part to be doing this. Rationally, I’m observing myself and thinking, “what makes you think you know better?” while the anxious runner in me is thinking, “most of the other marathon plans you’ve seen have way more mileage and speed work than what your coach is giving you. You’ll never BQ or finish a marathon at the rate she’s got you.”

Meanwhile, I’m also wanting to join a local running group sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports, which is training for the Providence Marathon in May. Really, I’m considering taking on three separate training plans — McMillan, Runner’s World and the one by my local Fleet Feet.

Can you say unwise?

I think what I should do is maybe try out the local group and see how it fits, then decide among these three which one to stick with. Not try to do all three. I’m asking to get hurt. Or burnt out.

This is fairly typical behavior for me. Overachiever or something. I also like to try to tackle things that scare me, but perhaps this is just being the dumb girl in the horror movie who checks out the weird noise in the basement while wearing skimpy clothing.

I’m not sure my behavior is terribly healthy. It would probably be worth my while to figure out why I do this to myself.


7 thoughts on “Overbooking

  1. tundrawoman says:

    I’m gonna suggest lack of confidence in yourself and more specifically your own judgement. I’m not saying relying on Pros is a bad idea at all: They inform our thinking with their knowledge and experience. Nonetheless, we all have some degree of inherent Confirmation Bias-including the Pros-so what I’ve ended up with is something of a mess.
    What seems to be working or not for YOU? hmmm….that’s what matters.

  2. I can’t follow a training plan to save my life, I mean ANY training plan and I’ve done okay. Just as long as you remember the fundamentals and listen to your body. The main thing is not to peak to early so your pro probably is limiting your mileage not only for rest but so you are your best race day and not three weeks before. The best way to do this is make sure your longest run is about 2-3 weeks before race day. Running further sooner will not always make you better. Running with a group is ace, so if you can use them. Good luck!!!!!!

  3. Good luck figuring it out! I would pick one plan and stick with it. I’ve been tempted to modify the Hal Higdon plan I’m following, but I talked to some “elite” friends and they told me to stick to what he has planned.

  4. I don’t know about you but when I’m exploring EVERYTHING it’s because I’m not sure which is right and I’m terrified of being wrong. If I’m doing it all, then surely I’ll get something right. However, what I’ve learned: This isn’t a bad thing starting out. It allows me to explore. When I self published I used three different books and a friend who had actually done it. It worked for me. Some things overlapped, each offered something different from the others. I glommed them together to fit me. How funny… my second counselor complained about how I glommed things together. She was always telling me, “Stop looking at your life like a pizza! Separate everything and deal with one thing at a time.” It was helpful, to start, but guess what? My life IS a pizza. However, her advice taught me the importance at looking individual items, and at the same time, my way taught me to see how they all work together. TW is right about the confidence: I search all kinds of paths until I’m confident I’ve found the one that will take me where I want to go. Added to that, I like to think I’m not so arrogant I’m not open to new ideas.

  5. Sounds like good advice to not do too much or get burnt out or hurt. Nothing to offer on the WHY? question. I look at my motives instead. Maybe you are running toward something in your life instead of away.

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