Are We There Yet?

Thank you to everyone who sent me support in my last few posts. It means a lot to me. The past few days have been alright. My son is home from college, and this is both good and nerve-wracking for me. At least his mood has improved since Thanksgiving, when I was about ready to slug him for his bad attitude.

This weekend, my husband and I went went my son and my husband’s cousin to see Thor 2. It wasn’t even my brilliant idea. I just went along for the ride 😉

I’ve logged some good workouts, and the endorphins have done much to keep me less Scrooge-like. On Saturday, I did a moderately hard yoga class followed by an 8 mile treadmill run, then Sunday did an easier yoga class followed by a 10 mile progression run. Today’s workout was a tough interval run, which I managed to nail. I’m quite pleased with myself. It was 8 miles, with 6 speed intervals. By the time I got to that last speed mile, I was pretty cooked, but I did it.


I had an interesting discussion with my personal trainer about the messages out there on what is considered beautiful and how unattainable most of them are. Even the Victoria’s Secret models, who many would argue are what all women should strive to look like, don’t actually look like that most of the time. They diet and drink nothing but liquids leading up to the shows. Not sustainable or healthy. I guess I give myself a “bye” on looking too much like them since I’m 5’1″ and their legs are longer than me standing on tiptoe.


Totally random, but being craft-challenged myself, is there anyone out there who can crochet me this? I’ll be forever indebted.

Christmas is nearly here, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m not making any resolutions for the new year because I never do. I’ve got goals that I’m already actively working on. Why wait until the turning of a calendar page to get going?


9 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. TR says:

    Me2 – looking forward to them being over. Any time of the year to a good time to set goals. I looked up the word resolution and its origin – it means to loosen or let go. I kinda agree with it – loosen from all that is last year to begin afresh. xx

  2. I’m starting to feel like you are as Labile as I am about your feelings around the holidays this year! I hope they go as smoothly as possible for you! 🙂

  3. “Even the Victoria’s Secret models, who many would argue are what all women should strive to look like” – really? I’m not interested in women like that – they look and are so false in so many ways. I find real women being themselves are the attractive ones, in the end attractiveness has little to do with what people look like but how they do things, behave, talk, smile etc.

      • Haha. I was talking about jigs with my daughter she mentioned some women she said were the icons and I disagreed since largely I think their image is all false. My old rehab owner once said Madonna’s husband must hate her if she felt she had to go to the gym for hours each day just to keep the body he married.

        • Keeping up appearances is exhausting. I don’t know how “the beautiful people” do it. My husband is lucky if I shower every other day. Maybe that’s too far in the wrong direction, lol.

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