Accentuating the Negative


My yard

It was a cold, miserable day here, so I avoided the outdoors except to run to the grocery store. Smart me, though, since my husband is the one cooking dinner tonight.

I’ve been trying to work on running a negative split in races. I managed to in my turkey trot, but that was partly because I was forced to go waaaayyyy slower than I wanted for the first two miles due to too many slow runners in the front of the pack. I’m mad at myself for letting the wheels come off in my race on Saturday, especially as my pace was not something I wasn’t capable of, even with going too fast in mile three. It just shouldn’t have happened.

In training, I’ve been running a lot of progression runs to try to get my body better ready to race faster on tired legs. Yesterday after yoga, I ran 10 miles, the first 6.2 of which I ran as a progression run followed by the remaining at a steady pace. I was tired yesterday, but I still finished the workout strong. The blip down in speed was when the treadmill shut off after being on for 60 minutes.


Then today I hopped on the treadmill again for a 12 mile progression run. Here’s what it looked like:


I’m pretty pleased with how I did, even if at the end my calves were getting super tired and I felt sluggish. I’ve never done back-to-back double digit runs before, and I’m hoping this will both mentally and physically prepare me for the marathon distance. I am trying to decide between the Treasure Coast Marathon in Florida or the Tobacco Road Marathon in North Carolina, both in March, for my training run marathon. I plan to run/walk it a la Jeff Galloway just to get a feel for a race at that distance. Both are in places where I have friends or family to stay with. This racing thing is getting expensive.

I’m struggling with the holidays like I always do this time of year. I hate that my parents suck and I have to protect myself by not having anything to do with them. It makes all the cheer around me feel all the more foreign. At least I have running to help me escape from the hurt and loneliness. I’ll live.


12 thoughts on “Accentuating the Negative

  1. Doug Hart says:

    I knew if I waited long enough I would finally get to say you Northerners think your weather is so bad, you should spending some time in Texas. I wont say it, but I am thinking it real hard.

  2. Yes, hate not having the happy families picture painted by the media, but then again, I’m a lot happier not pretending anymore and keeping myself safer. I am all kinds of impressed with what you’re doing. GO YOU!

  3. I’ve been working on running with negative splits. It is much nicer than wasting all that energy at the start. I set like 3 pr’s this past year doing it!
    Hal Higdon usually has back to back long runs in his training plans. I really like that, I think it better prepares you than just doing one long run once a week.
    I’ve been wanting to run a race in Raleigh as one of my best friends lives there, but all the races reports I see seem to say all the courses are pretty hilly. Could be good for training though.

  4. tundrawoman says:

    Ahhh, yes: The Ghosts of Holidays Past make their annual “pilgrimage” to your lifetime of experience. OTOH, peaceful, drama-free Holidays are a relatively new tradition and take some getting use to-kind of like putting “athlete” together with “PV” but more complicated in so many ways. Acceptance is hard and “re-visits” happen as your perspective and you change.
    So many, many changes and challenges this year for you and your family. I feel I’m becoming so redundant, but one more time, CONGRATS!

  5. First of all, I never saw any mention of your trip to Indiana?! Secondly, I cordially invite you to come hang with our family on the holiday, whenever u feel you need embraced! 🙂

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