I had a good race this morning at the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog in Brooklyn.

It was chilly but much warmer than last week’s race, about 37 degrees. I ran my splits more uneven than I’d have liked, but I had decided to try to not look at my watch too much and run by feel. I felt great for the first two miles. I wasn’t particularly working hard, just enjoying the run. The problem was that I ran mile three at a 7:40 pace and sort of psyched myself out of mile four, which I ran at 8:21 😛

I really need to hone my mental game. How long have I been saying this?

At any rate, I finished in 32:33, making this a shiny, new 4-mile race PR with an average pace of 8:08.

The best part? I came in #10 (out of 229) in my age group. I even got my name listed on the NYRR site as a “winner”. Heh.

So I’m trying not to beat myself up too much over that last mile. I learned something about my running with my experiment, and I’ll take it with me to my next race.

I’m gonna blame my last mile meltdown on not having anyone to high five in the race.




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