It’s a Jingle Out There

20131204-201922.jpgI had another awesome run yesterday — mile repeats with an average pace of 7:45 for the 4 miles of hard effort.

However, my running-hard-for-two-weeks-without-a-recovery-day seems to have caught up with me today. I went to yoga class, where my body wanted nothing to do with holding poses or stretching. A bit later, I met with my personal trainer, who had me doing a Crossfit workout. I tried my best, but basically was a mental moron. It was like whatever energy I had left did not make it to my ears or brain. I had to keep asking what it was I was supposed to do because I couldn’t remember or make sense of words. Or count.

Basically, I was like this:


Image credit: Simple Dog from Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half

Except Simple Dog is doing a better job of counting than I did. I probably did more reps than I needed because I kept losing track. Counting to 50 was way above my ability today.

It’s going to be a busy, social (for me) weekend. On Friday, my husband and I head to NYC to see a good friend of ours who currently lives in Switzerland. We’ll be meeting at the MoMA, where I’m hoping to find some Christmas gifts.

I like visiting art museums with friends. It always spurs interesting conversations. Or it can lead to a ton of laughing at the absurd things that pass as art. Good times either way.

We’re going to try to get dinner at Print, which is a “farm to table” kind of place located in an old publishing building. I hope it’s as good as it was the last time I ate there.

20131204-200945.jpgOn Saturday morning, my husband and I are registered for the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It’s only 4 miles and my plan is to have fun with it and not worry too much over time. Although I must admit that I’d like to beat my PR of 33:30 from the race in Ireland this summer. I don’t think my husband and I will be running the course side by side as I’m a bit faster a runner. He shouldn’t be too far behind, though. He’s really fit as a swimmer and men are faster runners just by nature (soooooo unfair). I’m excited he’ll be taking part. I doubt I’ll be able to convince him to wear a Santa hat, but I suggested he wear an Aquaman t-shirt.

Then we come home to have a house guest overnight. I’m excited to play hostess because I haven’t seen this friend since our trip to England. She’s a lot of fun.

Our guest leaves Sunday morning, and then I’ll be doing a long run and a yoga class. I’ll need a nap after that.

I think I’m 90 percent done with Christmas shopping (yay internet), so I’ll be able to try to enjoy the season. Maybe I’ll watch The Grinch to get in the spirit. I like his style. Pre- change of heart. Bwahahaha!

Welp, I’m getting stoopider by the minute, so I’d better go before I start thinking it’s a brilliant idea to post selfies of my bare butt. It’s not that that would be so bad. But I might hurt myself trying to get the right angle.


16 thoughts on “It’s a Jingle Out There

  1. Doug Hart says:

    So I’d better go before I start thinking it’s a brilliant idea to post selfies of my bare butt.
    Promises promises.

  2. Here’s something you can use for your MOMA talk – I just read how it was a branch for the CIA back in the day so they could send progressive artists to Europe to persuade artists over there to side with US and not Russia as we had freedom of artistic expression.

  3. Your silly! But seriously…….on the topic of the grinch, I just bought myself a pair of grinch underwear from target! I’m hosting a French, wine tasting, French food tasting, pajama party! You should see my fabulous idea for my pjs…in addition to the underwear! Don’t rule out a photo soon!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend to me. It’s looking more and more likely that my Rudolph Run 5k is going to get canned due to an ice storm. Not that I’m complaining. I have zero desire to “race for fun” in 18 degrees. Enjoy your race, your friends, NYC and the long run!

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