Sisterhood and Pain

I had more great runs the past few days. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’m sure it’s not going to last. Lol. Maybe I’ve turned a corner in my running. I almost think it’s a mental corner as much as anything.

I ran 13.1 miles Saturday while still in Connecticut. It was cold, about 32 degrees, but I felt great. I even sped up the last few miles.

Yesterday I had to promise myself to stick to just 30 minutes of running. I’m worried about overtraining. I ran hard two days in a row, followed by a long run. I ran about 45 miles last week. So I used a timer to keep me in check plus found a movie to go see so that I had to get off the treadmill by a certain time. Good thing I did both because I probably would’ve kept going. As it was, I ran another progression run (really loving these), with my last mile at a 7:25 pace. Not really the easy run I was supposed to do. But at least I only did a half hour.

Then today was an easy run of 6.5 miles. I think my new “easy” pace is close to 8:30/mile. Seeing as my pace in my first 5k back In April was 10:09 — and that felt like a really hard run — I’ve come a long way in 8 months.

Like I said, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I like it.


Chafing pain

A couple downsides are that I got a mystery bruise on my arm and some bad chafing from my running bra. The bruise showed up sometime after my race on Thursday. I don’t remember hitting anything, so I wonder if the cold weather somehow caused it. Like an expand/contract thing.


Mystery bruise

The chafing is just a regular casualty of running. I’ve been having trouble with it lately, I think partly because some of my favorite running bras have become a little less snug than they should be.

In the non-pain category: Tia of the blog Life: Everyone Has One nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’m so tickled to get this from Tia because I feel like she’s a sister to me — a sister I’d like to hang out with and I might even let borrow my clothes (assuming mine are cool enough for her). That’s saying a lot because I don’t let my real sister borrow my clothes since I can’t expect to get them back the way I lent them to her. If I get them back at all.

20131201-225055.jpgHere’s the questions I’m supposed to answer in case anyone is curious about me. I’m talking to you, weird lurker.

Favorite color: green followed by purple. It used to be pink, then blue. But it’s been green for awhile now.


Shirt I bought from

Favorite animal: turtle

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:Β diet root beer, but I probably drink more coffee lately

Facebook or Twitter: ugh. I don’t like either, but I use Facebook more because I can sometimes get coupon codes from liking stuff

Favorite pattern: um? Is this like zigzags? If so, I’m fond of argyle.

Getting or giving presents: definitely giving, but I hate the pressure of Christmas. I prefer seeing something I think someone will like and just giving it to them right away, just because.

Favorite number: I kind of like the snazzy number Christian sings in the elephant in the movie Moulin Rouge. Does it qualify as snazzy?

Favorite day of the week: don’t really have one. But now the song I Don’t Like Mondays is in my head

Favorite flower: tulips, I love how they herald in spring

What is your passion: I’ve got a million of them. I’m prone to intense obsessions with things and I approach things with a ton of intellectual curiosity. I love getting excited by new things.

Tia nominated several bloggers that I would’ve nominated also and I’ve seen this award go around to quite a few blogs. I tried not to duplicate, but I probably did and probably missed other blogging sisters who I should’ve included. Without further ado, here’s my 10-12 nominees:

Attempted Runner
The Project by Judy
Early to Rise Runner
Releasing Jesse
Jogging Jeans
Maybe Marathoner
Run Doodle Run
Running on Sober
Jane Likes to Run
In Bad Company
Running to Her Dreams


17 thoughts on “Sisterhood and Pain

  1. I appreciate your kindness in considering letting me borrow your clothes, however I’m going to pass on your raggedy sports bras if you don’t mind! πŸ™‚ I was feeling sure about our Indiana half marathon this May,, but after I’m looking at your “easy pace” times, I might just have to agree to share a chocolate milk with you at the end! Run on…my far away sister! πŸ™‚

  2. tundrawoman says:

    (How’s your protein intake? Takin’ any B12 or iron supplements? I’m just wondering if you’re becoming a little anemic-it can be insidious when it starts.)
    Lots to say “Congratulations” in this Post and your last one-how much you’ve accomplished this year, PV!

    • I’m wondering the same. I take a multi-vitamin, but I’ve been meaning to get my bloodwork done just to be safe. I had a lot of bruising issues when I drank, and although I don’t anymore, I worry about whatever long term damage I might’ve done. Add in all the exercise I am doing, I just need to keep an eye on things.

      Sent from my iPhone


  3. That’s weird that the bruise from your bra is on your arm. Your lady parts bouncing so much they bruise your arm?
    And I sad it earlier, but thanks for nominating me! I’ll blog about that later.

    • The bruise is unrelated to the bra. It’s actually on my bicep and not any place I recall bumping into anything.

      My bra kept everything boob-ish in place. The chafing is under from the band. Sorry that I wasn’t clear. Lol, just the imagery of bouncing breasts bruising me is hilarious.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Lol yea. Maybe I read it wrong, or Maybe the image I got in my head of bruise inducing boobs distracted me.

        You use one of those iPhone arm holders on that arm? My sis wore one on Saturday and it was the first time it gave her a bruise/chaffing. It was cold then too. Maybe it’s a weather induced bruise.

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