Marathon Training Starts


I got my first few weeks of training from my running coach. She’s a badass, btw. An ultra runner who is killing it at the ripe old age of 26. I’m sort of intimidated.

My plan starts out easily enough. We’re base-building starting from where I currently am. Almost all of my runs in the next few weeks are based on time on my feet versus speed. Which is good since I’m scared to death of 26.2 miles. There will be a couple “pace booster” runs, including my race on Thursday morning.

Speaking of… it’s going to be freezing outside. My newly healed foot feels tight in the cold, so I’ll have to be mindful of it. I’m not planning on racing too too hard. Anything under 45 minutes for 5 miles will be good with me. Seeing that I did 5 miles in 40:20 today after an hour of warm yoga, it’s not a stretch. I’ll go with how I’m feeling that morning and race accordingly.

I’m looking forward to seeing my son over the holidays. He’ll be heading into finals soon. It’s so weird that I have a kid in college.

I like the Thanksgiving holiday a lot. I hate that Christmas overshadows it with all the stupid decorations coming out before Halloween. Before Halloween! It’s a big pet peeve of mine.


12 thoughts on “Marathon Training Starts

  1. So very freezing out this morning. I read your post before running and was more mindful of muscles that couldn’t possibly have warmed up. So thanks, and hope your foot continues to heal.

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