Protein Problem

Today was a non-running day, meaning I spent 2.25 hours at the gym crosstraining with core yoga and a strength/cardio session with my personal trainer. I sweat a lot today. It was gross.

My trainer did a metrics check up and the good news is I’m down 3 pounds from my last test. And my metabolism is that of a woman 13 years younger (almost back into my 20s! Woot!).

The bad news is that I also lost some muscle. With all the running I’ve been doing plus frequent travel taking me away from my pantry of workout foods, I’ve not been getting anywhere near enough protein in my diet. I need around 100 grams daily, and I’ve been averaging about half that.

20131120-201841.jpgIf I’m to run a few marathons next year, I have to fix this. Can’t be devouring my own muscle. And besides — yuck!

For kicks, my trainer took this picture of my back so I could see that I’ve developed muscles. Kind of cool. I also got beat up by a gravity machine today. They got new ones at the Y, and the previous user didn’t properly lock part of it down, so it went flying when I pushed off it, causing a knob to slam into my right calf. It still hurts. Hopefully it won’t affect my running this week.

In other non news, I’m absolutely dreading Christmas shopping this year. I feel like a Scrooge. Anyone else get cranky this time of year?

11 thoughts on “Protein Problem

  1. Well I doubt the protein is the issue. Humans really thrive on a diet that is maximum 15-20% of calories from plants. For strength and size you want to increase weights over long periods of time. I am considered fairly big at the gym and I eat low protein, high carb from fruits and veggies. High protein from animal products just increases your risks of arteriosclerosis as you age as gives you hormonal and cancer issues. 1 in 2 chance of getting heart disease and 1 in 3 getting cancer in our protein meat culture. Gym trainers keep pushing the whey protein powders that throw your hormones crazy and give us a slew of health issues. Remember the strongest animals on this earth eat greens for strength…lower protein high plant carbs… my two cents…good blog…

    • Well, I eat plenty of greens. Love my veggies and definitely prefer them over meat. Although I could never go vegetarian or vegan. (Although that pizza in my previous post is vegetarian). I’m not really a whey protein gal. I like real food.

      The only thing that really changed over the last few months was that I ran more miles and didn’t eat protein (I like hard boiled eggs with fresh basil) right after workouts like I had been. I didn’t lose a ton of muscle — went from 34% to 32%. Clearly I’m not a super-ripped person. But the muscle loss accounts for the majority of the weight loss. My primary reason for strength training with weights, etc is to be able to run safely and hopefully injury free.

      Thanks for the info. I need to look closer at my diet to make sure as I add miles for the marathon, I’m doing right by my body.

      • Well best endurance athletes are non meat eaters. They are shredded with muscle and lean. Look up Rich Roll, Tim VanOrden and Mike Arnstein to name a few. The protein from animal products really causes inflammation, sore joints, slow recovery and the list goes on and on. I got off that protein train along time ago and eat a normal amount which should be between 10-15% from plant products. Its the low fat carbs from fruits and veggies that power you and give you strength not the cholesterol ladden chicken, fish and meat. They are all cholesterol nightmares.

  2. I don’t get “cranky” – some of it I love – there is a huge Christmas tree been put up in the station I commute through in London and that looks lovely. But then some of the stuff really does get to me – the ads on tv, the constant “10-things you have to buy her” – they annoy me esp if one of them I was going to buy her then I feel like I’m just following the mob!

    love the muscle photo – keep pumping πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m not feeling cranky yet, but I didnt have weights falling on me either! πŸ™‚ I feel like a rock star this week, since I have two concerts!!! I haven’t felt this cool in years!!! Hope your leg feels better little buddy, and your back muscles look awesome!!!! πŸ™‚

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