Ups & Downs of Running

The whole idea of easy runs is to run easy. But somehow I feel lame when I run over 9 minute miles, despite that it was the goal.

Still, I ran 7 easy miles today. Yesterday I had an awesome 6.2 run, averaging 8:07/mile. And I felt like I could’ve gone for longer.

It’s weird how one day a pace can feel easy and another damn near impossible.

Even though today’s slow easy run didn’t feel so easy, it ended with a grin.



7 thoughts on “Ups & Downs of Running

  1. Like Judy says so there is life and so many other things like when I play the guitar or try to write songs somedays it comes easy others I feel like I’m pushing treacle up a mountain.

  2. I’m with you on that! Now….in this selfie, are you trying to provide a glance into your ripped cleavage? I think this is a good way to show off other muscle groups that often go unnoticed! 🙂 Nice work on your continued jogs after the big race! Your dedication to the run always inspires me!

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