West Palm Beach Time

Those of you who have been reading me through several blogs (seriously, what is wrong with you people? But I’m glad you haven’t run away screaming… yet), know that I go to Florida a couple times a year to visit with my husband’s family. They are fortunate enough to winter here, and we are fortunate enough to be able to mooch off take advantage of grace them with our presence when we need to get away from seasonal affect syndrome. It stays daylight later here in addition to being warmer. Downside? I got mosquito bites yesterday. I do not miss mosquitos in the winter.

It’s a little weird visiting this time since my father-in-law passed away this summer. His widow, my husband’s stepmother, is a really terrific lady and we’re glad to be here seeing her. We used to spend thanksgiving with her and my FIL, but my MIL is pretty much expecting us to be with her in Connecticut this year. So,we thought we’d drive here after Disney to do a little early celebration with stepMIL. I have to say, I still feel kind of shitty for abandoning her for thanksgiving, but I think she has other plans anyway.

It feels like my FIL will be shuffling down the hallway any minute now. I can’t imagine how it feels to my husband without his dad here. Plus this is the first time we’ve come without our son, who’s still at his first semester at college. Life Changes: they happen, grow with it.


Raw meat. The elk is in the back.

We got here Monday, and my husband’s uncle made us elk tenderloin and sirloin steaks. We had roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts on the side. My husband made a shallot and balsamic reduction sauce for the meat. Then we shared a sliced up Mrs Prindables chocolate toffee walnut caramel apple for dessert. It was all delicious.

20131113-122319.jpgRace recovery seems to be going ok. I’m anxious to get going on my new training plan, but I won’t have it for another 7-10 days. My new coach looks impressive according to her bio. Like scary fast and experienced. She’s a professional athlete and I really look forward to learning from her. I feel very optimistic about this new phase in training. I’m looking on it not so much as putting pressure on myself to get ridiculously fast, but rather as “let’s have fun seeing what this body of mine can do.” One priority is to stay injury free, so going bonkers on overtraining is not my goal.

Yesterday I went out for an easy run. Which would’ve been easier if it hadn’t been 86 degrees. I’m acclimated for northeastern weather. So I made this into a pseudo-mile repeats run, with breaks between the miles to cool down a tad.

20131113-115912.jpgThen I went to the local Fit2Run store. That was cool. I didn’t buy anything, although my Christmas wishlist is getting longer.

Last night we celebrated my husband’s uncle’s 60th birthday a few weeks early. We went to Cafe Boulud, which is my favorite place in the area to eat. After dessert, they serve you these divine madelines that they bake there. It doesn’t matter how stuffed you are from dinner, you have to eat at least six of these. I may have stolen more than my fair share.

Today I am heading out for a run, then I’m going to join my stepMIL for her personal training session. I’ll probably try to get into the hot tub here too. My right calf muscle remains really tight after the half marathon. Plus I still haven’t broken in my jaws/the little mermaid swimsuit.

Right now, I’m hanging with the dog. She’s a rescue boxer and completely adorable. She doesn’t photograph well because she’s mostly black, so you’ll have to trust me that she’s beautiful.

She just sighed loudly, so she’s either saying hello to y’all or is exasperated with me for disturbing her nap on the bed. Where she’s not supposed to be. Shhhhh! I won’t tell if you don’t.


My husband petting the dog last night. Sorry so blurry.


5 thoughts on “West Palm Beach Time

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun! Enjoy yourself….relax….eat… Take a day off!!!! And please please please post a pic of yourself in the bathing suit when you’re ready:)

  2. LOVE the bathing suit! BTW, the 80-something woman I mentioned yesterday? She was wearing one of those zig-zag printed runner’s outfits I’ve seen on you as well. That shop looks fantastic-one could loose their mind (and wallet) in there for sure!
    You MIL will be OK…she’s likely still in that shock/numb state even if ya know it’s comin’. The first year you get a “pass.” After that, “Time’s Up.” At least she’ll have other widows in her cohort group that will get it.
    Enjoy your visit-is the trainer located in that area or in your home base?

  3. Nice to be able to visit with her, especially since she is probably missing her husband. The heat is pretty fierce in FL but the humidity is the killer in the South. It gets just about everyone. Glad that you are having fun.

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